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  1. core 2 duo e6300 intel dg965wh motherboard 2 x 2gb g.skill ddr2 667 ram evga 8800gtx lite-on dvd burner (ide) sony dvd burner (ide) samsung 7200.9 500gb HD (sata) thermaltake kandalf case with 25cm side fan.
  2. are they suppose to fluctuate constantly? or steady out? Even in the bios the numbers are constantly fluctuating. It never settles out.
  3. Just put together a new system and not sure what to do with a minor (maybe) issue I'm having. Sometimes when I turn the computer on, everything turns on like it is beginning to boot, but then after about 4 seconds the LED's and fans in the system stop spinning for about 4 more seconds and then everything boots up fine. This doesn't happen everytime though, so I'm not sure what to do. I was thinking it might be a problem with the power supply not giving enough power (it is a 850w, so should be fine in terms of power). It is an intel board so I installed the Intel desktop Utilities software for hardware monitoring. Most of the different voltages seem to fluctuate some (the 12v for example goes between 11.945 to 11.987) The 1.5v is staying around 1.26v. All the voltages in the bios fluctuate. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the software (i'm not sure how good it actually it) I'm wondering if anyone knows how accurate the software is and if I should worry about my power supply, or if there is any better software out there for checking the hardware status, like voltages, fan speed etc. Should I RMA this power supply or is there something else that may be causing it? I do love the look, feel and quality of this power supply, just not sure if i got a bad unit.