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  1. moomeacow just go and buy a non-coolermaster psu now. When you get the replacement sell it. That is the best fix for you to get your computer working now, not a month down the road.
  2. I see that the RMA process is not a well oiled machine with coolermaster at all. Glad I just returned mine for a refund. I like your manufactures response on all the negative reviews on newegg.com. To bad I belive it is having little effect since the non 80 units are still being sold. Hope you get a lot in for RMA ship out. To give perspective on RMA here, to a company know for top tier customer service. My EVGA 680MB died on a Thursday. I had a replacement in hand before noon on Saturday, the day after I started the process on Friday morning. Making people wait for a month for a RMA will just lead to one thing. Less return customers. Tell you HQ to resolve this fast and to make sure to fill out the customs paperwork correctly....
  3. 3 months too late. Next time try some quality control before production as this is an obvious flaw with the product.
  4. Well the info on how poorly this PSU works has hit all the 680i mb forums and I would expect alot of returns to coolermaster of this product, and that is a good thing. Yes I am bitter that I went throught this on a supposedly SLI certified PSU and that coolermaster had absolute 0 response when I asked for support . I find that the intial user reviews on this PSU were good and now all of them are poor on various web sites. Makes me wonder if Coolermaster posted the reviews to give praise to their own product, as it obviously is not that good.
  5. Here is some info I found on this PSU (taken from the feedback on newegg for this product, please also note that the rating on this PSU has gone way down and people have begun to stay away from purchasing it): Causes Striker Extreme to RANDOMLY POWER DOWN when using the preferred 8 Pin Power Connector. PSU has 6 12v power rails, each rated at 120W. The 12v(1) rail powers the MB 24 pin connector *AND* the same pins on the 8-pin CPU connector which are the default power pins for the CPU power ASUS Striker/P5N32SLI mobos (which support either 4-pin or 8-pin PSU connector) The 12v2 rail powers the 4-pin CPU connector and the *other* pins on the 8-pin CPU connector. 120w from 12v(1) is not enough for the primary CPU power and MB and 8800GTX, let alone 8800GTX SLI. You may have luck with only the 4-pin CPU power connector, or you may want to re-wire the 8-pin connector to get primary CPU power from 12v(2). Other Thoughts: This is a violation of the power supply specification - and Worse it DOESN'T WORK (and is very difficult to troubleshoot): Look at the CoolerMaster manual here: It looks as if they mis-numbered the pins on the 8-pin connector as: 1 2 3 4 12v1 12v1 12v2 12v2 instead of 1 2 3 4 12v2 12v2 12v1 12v1 This spec shows that the 24-pin 12v rail *must* be discrete from the 12v rails used on the 8-pin CPU power connector:
  6. Well, after a bit of trouble shooting I turned out the Coolermaster was defective. I emailed coolermaster tech support for help, but got absolutley zero responese, so I sent it back for a refund. This will be the last time I purchase anything coolermaster. The response was good here in the forums, but not from CM when I contacted them directly. ( Wanted to know acceptable volatage tollerances and min load required per rail, per voltage)
  7. The board is very new to the market with bios that are still maturing. If your friend intends to overclock or run sli, then this is the mother board. The bios is very easy to use and allows for some very good tweeking. I highly recommend you go over to evga and read through their forums. You will see what people have had problems with. I have had a few issues but I overall I would buy again. As with every new technology, this has only been out a couple of months, expect for there to be bios updates and other fixes as it matures. EDIT: It is by far the best chipset/mb for core2 duo on the market now. I am at 3.33ghz air cooled and with my set up about 12k futuremarks. This is the first computer I have ever owned that I can run every game 1280x1024 with everything maxed and still get over 100-200 fps
  8. I forgot to mention this is one of the best looking and quality look and feel (very cool colour) psu I have owned.
  9. I just installed this PSU to replace an Antec 650 watt that was underpowered and I also needed nvidia 8800gtx sli certified. One problem, with this psu, my compter will not boot, unless i unplug the psu everytime and let it discharge, before i plug it back in and boot it up. Any ideas? I did not have this problem with the Antec. I also posted on the evga site as to ? if it is the MB as it is newer and a bit buggy, but this did not occur, as I said, with a different psu. Thanks