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  1. Awsome all these open look cases geting bored looking at normal towers now. A* for pc
  2. Still a good mod..shame you didnt think of some other mod to enter though as its basically the same as mod one you did at the start of the year..but like i say good mod hope you do well in the comp
  3. Im sorry to say im out of the comp guys ..just dont have the time this year to put into it...will see if i can get back next year and enter ( work taking over )
  4. Liking this alot really good work there dude ...thumbs up
  5. Sorry for the delay from last and life taking over..but here's how the case is at so far on stage one...needs abit of filling around the edges and a good sanding down..also needs 2 blanking panels putting in one about 100mm from the front top to bottom and then one along the bottom running flush with the bottom of the mother board. Also i found these child locks for kitchen cupboards i thought might work well as a lock for my case door...abit of jiggary pokery and i think i can make them look like belt buckles ...maybe Scrapped the front door idea going with afew diff ideas so the internals are abit more visable..more to come soon just work is more important atm to be able to fund this mod
  6. Shame dude was looking forward to seeing this mod.. Oh well use it for next yrs comp And know the feeling about fund sadtimes
  7. Been abit constructive yesterday cut out all the main bit i needed to ready for the case to be assembled Glued the front and top piece together Also a little sneak peak at what my top fan cover is gunna look like ...will be some perspex added to this in the center with some etching aswell
  8. Cheers guys doing some more on the case tomorrow hopefully
  9. oh postmans arrived 2x red cooler master fans ..schweet How im going to have the front external airflow for the psu ..will be using different grill on the back of the cut out area.Also the rom drive cut out at the top.
  10. Ahh sweet...first cooler master mod comp entered ...will be posting pics of my design in the next few i have to draw them out because im not a unber leet c.a.d user like afew peeps on here (note to self...learn c.a.d) Anyway i hope you enjoy my mod i say pics will be here soon...infact i will throw one on now to give you a prob isnt gunna be as the pic shows as you know you end up changing things as you go along...but here you go a sneak peak infact here have 2 pics Been wanting to use this stuff of awhile now...mix same amount of each together and pour into a mould ...sets in around 5 mins...good stuff And this is the finished outcome of the 3x dragon heads which im going to paint ...i dont think im using the fan grill behind i will make my own to go with the 3 heads. lol sorry i had to make something i will post more designs soon and what i am throwing into the case aswell. internals:- fx8150 8 core asrock 990fx extreme3 mobo 16gig white vengance mem 2x 120 ssd hdd slimline dvd burner sapphire 6950 corsair h80 cooler evo labs 700w psu Today i have been abit busy..but i had time to find a old shell of a cm690 and take the back and mobo tray off it. Still have to cut this down to size yet..need to get rid of the slot holes at the front of the tray and the psu hole aswell :/
  11. hmmm might wanna size ya pics down abit
  12. Just waiting for CM to accept me so i can start my mod The Imp tomorrow Good luck all