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  1. No I don't hear a beep on the motherboard when booting, I just put in the old psu en the machine boots and runs normally what's next?
  2. Yes, I did many times.. When I place back the old fortron PSU it works?!? Stupid thing is, when I put in the Igreen the processor cooler is running, northbridge cooler is running, videocard cooler is running.
  3. videocard is a xfx 7900GT with 256Mb nvidia chipset
  4. Hi Guys, Got this strange problem, hope you can help.. I have just bought a new psu (see subject) to plug in my system because my old PSU is making a lot of noise. I use it in the living room so I want a quiet system.. The specs: Foxconn NF4K8MC motherboard Athlon 64x2 4200 processor kingston 2x 512MB memory WD 320 Gb SATA-II hd ASUS DVD+_RW burner on molex My old PSU, a FORTRON BLueStorm 350w can handle the power but is making a lot of noise. When I plug in the new PSU, my fan's are running and my harddisk light is lit. But the motherboard doesn't boot.. Went back to the shop, and got me another Igreen 500w, but still nothing happened.. What can the problem be, and can anyone help me with that? Thnks in advance