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  1. Since I have had the unit now for a while I'm not sure if I could hear the liquid before. I do remember hearing what I thought was the liquid circulating (a trickling sound) before from time to time if I had the side panel open. I did finally try putting the ag back on (what a task!) with new paste and had the same results. Before I re-installed it I set it up on my desk above the case and plugged it into the ps. The unit did not seem to get very warm, since it is not sitting over the cpu I assume, and I don't recall any vibration when I touched it. I also tried to listen for fluid circulating but didn't hear that either. Stumped.
  2. Hello, new to the forum but must post a help ? Have had a mini r120 for just over a year now. Up 'til now it has kept my cpu (P4 630 w/ht) pretty icy cool. About a week ago my system shut down and wouldn't turn back on right after that. I felt the pump on the r120 and it was pretty hot. Don't know if that is normal or not. I decided to wait a while and then reset all of the cables and the one card I have (video) just in case. I hit the power and it came on. I also have the ABIT AL8 mobo so so I went to the bios to watch the temps and the cpu temp was going straight up. I took the r120 off and put on the stock hs and fan that came with my processor and that seems to work fine although warmer than the 120 was originally. I can hear fluid in the pump but it doesn't sound like a lot and since the tubes are black I can't tell if it is circulating anything. Any suggestions? Does this unit have a warranty? Thanks in advance.