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  1. The specs are: CM Centurion 534 ASUS P5W DH deluxe sk775 PCIe Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Corsair 2 GB DDR2 ASUS EN7600GT Silent/2DHT/256M WD 250GB Caviar Zalman CNPS9500 Extra note: today I tested my PC at my office and the first time it didn't do a thing (I only connected the electric cable) and the second time, after I conected additional only the cable of the monitor to my PC, and it turned on. Unblieveable. I did it turned of and on for 8 times and no problems. I realy don't understand. See what it's doing tommorow.
  2. Thank you for the many comments and excuse me for weak English. Here is some extra information: The first time I turned te PC on, the electricity was not grounded. But it worked 2 times for a serveral houres. By the way: the dozens electr. machines I have in the house always worked well. The shop told me to ground the electricity and I bought there on their advice a socket outlet from Digiconect for 10 euro. I put the Digiconect in a non-grounded electricity outlet -for experiment-, and amazing, the PC turned on. But for 2 times. Then I put the PC on a grounded electricity outlet and it didn't work. It seems to me there is some switch in the PC that is only tunrned on if its feeded with good electricity and swithed off when when feeded with bad electricity for 2 times. And the last time I came back from the shop: the first time there was no problem, the 2e time it started up when some devices where not on: I thought the keyboard and the monitor, but I'm not sure. I can't repeat the experiment because the PC doesn't work at all. Btw: my other older PC works always well, not grounded.
  3. Can somebody help me please. I recently bought a new game-PC. The power supply was to noisy so at mine request the shop put a CM 450-ACLY (active PFC Power Supply) in it. It was realy silent! But after 2 times playing with the PC for a fwe hours, the PC didn't turn on for a thirth time. Fans didn't move, only the green light on the mobo was on. Brought the PC back to shop and they could easily turn the PC on. I took the PC back and at home the PC turn on for another 2 times. Back the shop, they couldn't find anything. At home, yes 2 times and then nothing. Can somebody explain this??