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  1. When did you purchase it, you can get it replaced under warranty. Or purchase it through the CM store depending on the EVO or Plus. ... ories-kit/
  2. I would try these sites to see if they have it.
  3. samoht25

    New Case idea

    Thank you for your comment, we always look forward in improving our product for the future. We will definitely look into this for future consideration. As for the side panel for the Cosmos II, we do not have a release date as of right now.
  4. The fan controller should already been installed with the case. It is the top panel where the the power and reset buttons are. There is a molex connector in which you connect it to the power supply. For Led fans, there should be 2 wires from the fans connected to to 2 wires coming from the fan controller.
  5. eRMA________________________________________________________________ Please follow the following instructions to get your product replaced: Please fill out the RMA request and we will get this part shipped to you. Create an account by clicking on “Create Account†or login with your information. Once logged in choose "Register product" At the bottom of the warranty info screen click "I Agree" It will then ask you for the serial number of the product After you register, You should see eRMA if you look in the purple bar at top of screen. If eRMA is not there then you may need to log off and log back in. Under that eRMA heading is “RMA Applyâ€. When you click there, it will show you your registered products. To the right hand side under the STATUS column it will say “applyâ€. Click “apply†and follow the on screen instructions. You can also view below for further assistance. viewtopic.php?f=29&t=15548
  6. The clicking noise is coming from the fan' s bearing. You will have to get the whole PSU replaced under warranty with the place of purchase. Both psu are not suppose to be making these sound, you will most likely have to return both of them replacement.
  7. Did you always have this issue with these power supply? Or it just recently started acting up? PSU 1: I would switch the psu out with your other computer to see if it still occurs. I think there might be certain programs/overclocking that may causing the psu fan to increase its speed like that. Otherwise, I believe the psu is fine. PSU 2: The clicking noise can come from hitting a loose wire or some small part. Alternatively, the fan might be losing its bearings and have to be replaced under warranty.
  8. Can you clarify more on what you are doing? Are you just changing the LED of the 200mm fan? If so to what color? You will have to purchase one separately.
  9. We do not sell server spec cpu coolers at retail. I will check if we have anything and let you know when I get an update.
  10. It will fit onto the board. But your rams might be blocked by the cpu cooler's fan, I would suggest to just place the fan higher and have a 2nd fan installed doing a push and pull.
  11. That release date is not for the U.S. I will look into where it is being released.
  12. The newest cpu cooler with vapor chamber we have is the TPC 812. We currently have no date release on any new vapor chamber coolers.
  13. Yes I believe they are auto ranged. ... ONENTS.htm
  14. Both the Silent Pro Hybrid and and Gold are auto ranged voltage from 90-264vac. All cables are compatible with the power supply.
  15. That's strange, when I was testing out the screws, the screws fitted right in. If the sniper case is under warranty, you will have to get it replaced. Please fill out the parts request form found below and we can send you the part you need. Use the model number of the case(Should be the first 7 letters/numbers of your serial number) and in the description box state you need (part number) . The serial can be found near the motherboard’s IO panel on rear of case (should be the sticker with the barcode). If you cannot find the serial number, then a copy of the invoice must be uploaded.