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  1. The last weekend, i was playing Driver 3 the game, when all of a sudden from my PSU cooler master appeared a kind of blue and red spark from it and the whole PC shut down. Then a horrible smell like some plastic burnt was coming from the PSU. I though my PC was damaged but fortunately I could restart my PC and i am using it since then but i am not playing again Driver 3 because i am afraid it would happen again. PSU specifications: PSU cooler Master eXtreme Power 500W [RP - 500 - PCAR] Should I be worried about this, since the PSU is working as if nothing happened. Maybe the game is very source demanding but I was playing that game for 2 weeks until happened this and played a lot of games like Batman Arkham city and Asylum. A lot of games. My Video card is EVGA 9800GT and it is not overclocked.} Thanks in advance.