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    832 available! ... 6811119121
  2. My asus doesnt have one either. Its one reason I bought the kit i linked to above.
  3. Since my pc is no longer in a case i bought a set of these: The speaker works well.
  4. He has CM power supply and thinks it might be part of the problem.
  5. Spart1337

    Huge CM heatsink

    Currently on sale in japan. will makes its way here eventually. there was already a thread somewhere i think.
  6. Just to clarify something........ The fx-74 will not be available as a single processor. They will be sold in pairs at an estimated price of $1000 per pair. They will not use AM2. Any upgraders will have to get a new motherboard. The reason AMD is going this route is to pave the way for the future. When AMDs Quad chips come out next year you will be able to run them in tandem on these boards for OCTO core processing. Heres more info if you want it. ... VzaWFzdA==
  7. Spart1337

    Cavalier 4 ... 6813188007 ive seen others but thats the only one Newegg has.
  8. Spart1337

    open air rig

    no problem man. glad to help!
  9. Spart1337

    Cavalier 4

    why is that important? A HTPC doesnt require very powerful components and shouldnt warrant the need for an upgrade. If you want to make a desktop pick a another case such as a MATX tower. ive seen matx boards that support SLi.
  10. Spart1337

    open air rig ... Page1.html version 1 has the mobo on the bottom and the psu and stuff on top. version 2 is reversed.
  11. i think he means cpu cooler.
  12. Spart1337

    Cavalier 4

    lol like i said. they wont. the mounting holes for screw at the back wont even line up with a standard psu. The problem with those psus is that finding replacements can be tiresome and a shot in the dark. your best bet would be google.