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  1. Yes I will. Thank you! one of my many Aeros from 2003.
  2. Well done! You work is an art piece! I am guessing Your pc must run very cool with those huge radiators!!
  3. I am looking forward to when the 2,400rpm models come available in the Cooler Master Store.
  4. Well after looking I found the Silencio 1,400RPM PWM fans at the Cooler Master Europe store as a first place to have them. & both the PWM & non pwm models on the UK Cooler Master site. I'm hoping the 2,400RPM radiator versions also become available seperatley to because I would like to get the high performance models.
  5. All I can say is wow! Your Silencio 652S is a work of art in progress!
  6. I am curious how this literal heat sink fan will perform when they come to the market. It looks like a cooling system from the future.
  7. Gday Inferno, ah righto, thanks for your answer.
  8. I am keen on getting the Silencio fans in future. Will there also be led versions?
  9. Please bring back the Aeros and Jets. These were great fans and CPU coolers years ago. It would be great to see them come back. If they do get re-made make the normal 70mm and 80mm versions and make 120 and 140mm versions for todays CPUs and computer cases. Also make them like before with variable control and add PWM control so that when you turn the dial down past slow you hear a click from the variable control and then they go faster or slower when they get controlled by the motherboard when plugged in with a four pin connector and have the variable control in the back or the front of the case again with a front bay or PCI slot bracket. Re-make the single speed ones aswell. The old ones years ago blew alot of air for their size. The bigger ones would blow alot of air. I would like to get a new one if they get made again and have a 120mm size one on a heatsink cooling my processor and 120 and 140mm ones in my case.