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  1. its the art of mixing art with function if thats possible
  2. looks nice, keep up good work (off topic ) nobody likes my mod * crys self to sleep * lol
  3. White stuff being painted motherboard tray, holes made for the water cooling just have to get the pump and the instaltion begins instaltion of the tray into case ohhh nice white case blanks cheit out fuzion, mcw-30, mcw-60, and a delrin T ( very sexy) Brass fillport in case blank and it'll allow for easier bleeding of the loop pins of the fuzion and fuzion midplate
  4. OMG an update huray got my water cooling stuff on order, ups is getting it here on wensday HURAY even better i have some PC2 8500 Ram from G.SKILL showing up Tuesday onto the pics before painting some AWESOME rattle can paint approx $6 a can lol after painting some modding, led backlighting for the motherboard, me and the led's are fighting about them working for me lol Nice hole for one of my triple 120mm fan rads and the switches installed and sleeved ( thank god looks 1000x better imho) with the converters for the ccfl's the pci bracket ( the thingy with the triangles ) is broke and metal epoxy didn't work for me going to try it agian, painting isn't finished, that bracket, crossflow fan and pci blank slots are being painted gloss white ( no letters to many cables in the way ) heres my list of water cooling stuff: Pump : Laing DCC3.2 with Perta tech top CPU waterblock :D-TEK FuZion NB waterblock: Swiftech MCW30 GPU waterblock: Swiftech MCW60 rads 2x : Swiftech MCR-320 Tubing: Tygon R-3603 and a few other odds and ends like a brass fillport that i am mounting in a case blank any thoughts?
  5. grafton


    what color of sliver paint is used on the stc-t01 sliver? also what is the rated rpm of the 120mm fans (4 in 3 hd rack) and rear exhaust also what is the cfm of the 80mm on the top??
  6. it does for me like a 20C difference in the vreg temps on my graphics card and a 2c dif on the gpu temp between off and full on
  7. i top out @ 2.75 ghz bc of my cheapo ram
  8. yeah it'll work and how far it clocks will be up to you.
  9. there was a very long i read a while ago that showed that 1 raptor along nearly match the preformance of 2 in raid 0 i'll try and find the link and post it
  10. wedding taken care of now on to modding...
  11. does the power usage change while running games or anything?
  12. yeah i did test them one of them had a short but then a day after i accendtly stepped on it soi had to get a new one and extend the lead on it they seem to be as bright as before the mod
  13. got the postive wired up on the leds here's the un-sleeved finished product this will mounted inthe cossflow fan after it is painted white i am afrid that the next next update will take a while to come around as it will require some parts i dont ahve yet