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    Igreen 500w

    When you turn you computer off does your psu make a tikking sound? My does.... I had that sounds from the beginning i bought it. But i am now thinking that it isn't ok. Btw: I does mean powerfailure
  2. Does anybody know how to start en psu without connected to the mobo? Somebody experience with this? I have a Coolermaster iGreen 500w. The reason why i want to do this is cause i want to mod my case and want to build the lights. Therefor i need some power to see if the light are placed ok. Can somebody help me? For the dutch i have a link where they trying to explain this but not understandable for me ... &page_id=1
  3. Vito

    Igreen 500w

    Thx for your replies. Ik hope then that someone from CM will read this topic en can confirm this. But for now i will have that in mind.
  4. Vito

    Igreen 500w

    Hi, I juct purchased a Coolermaster iGreen 500watt and i have some things i would like to ask. I installed it and looked at the back of the psu. There's a red LED that's (shows on the box) would light if the psu is on. But it doesn't light at all. Not even when the pc is off. I guess it is not wright but i don't know whats the cause of this. There is nothing written about it in the manuel. What can be the problem and how can i fix it?? Regards Vito