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  1. fuzzzboxx

    Fighter Pilot Switches

    gotta love the walkthrough of the case on the sight....it is the most awesome case I have ever seen
  2. fuzzzboxx

    Centurion 5 + A lot of Lights

    now thats VERY NICE I live in UK when can I have MINE??????????????? PS come on lads lets see a finished product......Put in the PCI slot blanking plate!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. fuzzzboxx

    Revoltec Cool Flashing USB Cable

    me neither....a steady light would cool.....came across these at a computer fair I Trade at and the flashing definetly would put me of if they were in my view all the time but my show cases are not so I couldnt resist
  4. fuzzzboxx

    Hyper 6 + transparent/golden fan

    very niiiiicccceeee....looks a bit on the heavy side....whats the weight
  5. fuzzzboxx

    Cool Copper RAM Sinks