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  1. No, I haven't tried to reset the CMOS yet. I will google how to go about that and give it a try. I haven't had much time lately to even think about it, let alone tinker...but I am headed over to their house tonight so I will give it a shot. Merovingian: Why do you hate to ask if I have cleared the CMOS. Is it a pain? I haven't ever done it before, but I'll look into it and maybe give it a shot. I think I am going to get an ATX 2.0 supply locally and then just erturn it after I have tested. Thanks for the input guys.
  2. Hello All, I am having some trouble with a computer that I built for some friends. I used the RS-450-ACLY to power the rig and it had been working wonderfully...untill suddenly their computer ceased to boot. Since this continual reboot cycle started I noticed that the LED Lights on the PSU also stopped working. The weird thing is that the computer boots...for a while. It gets to the inital black Windows XP boot screen, the monitor then goes blank, then back to the same XP boot screen, then reboots without starting windows. The computer has been working fine for about a year but just started doing this. I fear it is the power supply due to the fact that at the same time this started happening the light no longer lights up. Is it possible to just blow one rail of your PSU and only get partial power. The system does boot in safe mode (I tried a system restore to no avail) though I have no idea if that means it is not running at full power. Does anyone know where I can find information on how to test it without electrocuting myself? Anyone else had their light go out? I guess it would be helpful to have some specs too: ASUS A8N-E Mobo AMD Athalon 64 3500+ ATI Radeon x800 XL 1 GB Geil PC3200 WD Caviar 200 GB HD Creative SB Live! I have yet to be able to test the Video Card to see if that is my issue since I don't have access to another PCI-e card. I was able to test the ram and that doesn't seem to be the cause. I am going to throw in a HD with a clean install of xp and see if that gets me anywhere. Please please please, if you have any insight to what might be going wrong, PSU or not, let me know. I appreciate any help I can get!!!!! And sorry for the long post...I figure the more info the better!