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  1. esCob4r

    Haf X

    And can I change my user name to this forums?
  2. esCob4r

    Haf X

    Got my case registered but now I am trying to do a rebate. Which upc do I use there are like 5.
  3. esCob4r

    Haf X

    Also do you think the Haf X Tranparent window side would fit on a Haf 932?
  4. Yah I figured I wouldnt get an exact fit. But I had a set from I think the Haf X and there was no way theyd fit. They were to big.
  5. Thanks nick. Going to see if I can try for something with a buddy of mine. He has might be able to get me some grommets. If not I may have to just try and grab some rubber stuff or something somewhere for cheap. I was thinking of buying the corsair grommets but my funds are tight and i can't afford to spend 16bucks plus shipping and in not work. Thanks again you have been extremely helpful with all of this.
  6. By the way, what corsair grommets did you use for this?
  7. Yah I saw that and checked them out. I need to try and do this local for I don't have a credit card and no funds in my paypal atm.
  8. The videos are very helpful. Now I just need to try and find a way to get those. I honestly think I could fit the CM 690 II Advanced holes in my holes even though they are narrower. I would just have to use some force to get em in. =/ O well hopefully I will have this taken care of soon. I was hoping I could get some help from a cm employee about the grommets. A buddy of mine told me CM is usually cool about this type of stuff and is more often to be more then happy to send stuff to us.
  9. Watching the vids now. Where can I get material like that? Home depot or lowes or something like that? These are some great mod tutorials which i would like to try. That is the only thing left I have to make my rig look a bit cleaner.
  10. Its actually a haf 912 but they look to be very similar in size with the holes.
  11. Any help on this request? Would really be appreciative if I can get these. I can't afford a new case and I really want the cable management rubber grommets. And I don't want to buy a set off of corsair and it might not fit. I have a better chance at the 690 II Advanced plus grommets working.
  12. Hi is there anyway I could get a set of CM 690 II Advanced rubber grommets for the cable management holes?
  13. esCob4r

    When will..

    VERY COOL! Ty sam. I can not wait. My rig is completely full of everything I could get cooler master wise minus the CPU cooler. Case, Fans, PSU, all are cooler masters.
  14. Ok so its normal for my 12v rail to fluctuate some. Cool. I am loving this PSU so far. The looks, ease of access, the amount of video cards I can hook up to it with no adapter. Now just if I could actually use more then 4 cables I would be solid HAHA. Meaning I have nothing to plug anything into at the moment.