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  1. Umm..ok thanks for the reply.
  2. Can you mix the stock brand coolant with another brand?
  3. Would their be a chance I might need to add some more coolant? I have some it's not the same brand but it's for water cooling systems. Would it hurt to mix these?
  4. Last night I cut out the honeycomb grill and added another fan to the other side. It lowered my temp to 54 c idle. Still seems a bit higher then it should.
  5. I have recently just installed 1 of each of these water cooling systems. The 80mm is in a pentium D 2.8 ghz, socket 775 intel 945 motherboard. Idle temp 58c The 120mm is in a Pentium D 3 ghz socket 775 abit motherboard. Idle temps 25c I figured the 120mm aquagate would be cooler but never dreamed of it cooling that much more. The 80mm is louder and makes some weird noises sometimes. Could it be defective? My question is what temp should the 80mm aquagate keep a Pentium 2.8ghz computer at? These temps were measured with the sides of each case off so plenty of air-flow was going on.