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  1. Im looking at the cm stacker 830 at the moment since i need a new case to fit any new dx10 cards in the future ( i mean this march or sumthing like that) and as a planning person im considering this case at the moment. by simple proportions that i did, noobishly... the entire length of the framework is only 480mm (that red line is approximately 12cm, yes thats taken from the 12cm side fan proportion) , and i cannot imagine it reaching 630mm with the side panel on, and with the length of the potruding front panel. Somebody prove me wrong, or is this just a market ploy by CM so that we would think it REALLY is a big case... =/ help!
  2. Hello, I am wondering if the 534 would have a windowed version ( a proper one, unlike the current one for the centurion serioes which looks small, and awkward, and bad). The case really looks good due to its simplicity. And if ever there was gonna be an aluminium build version of this case, as well as a few more ptions like locks, filters, should easily be one of the best elegant budget aluminium cases out there. Right now, most stores dont have stocks on them... thanks
  3. yeah this is so sad, im in the uk and finding a store alone that sells these babies is quite a task!!! I do hope that Cooler Master realizes what a beautiful case this is and revive it Thing is, I can go for the Centurion 534, but its framework is not aluminium...
  4. ah well... ill just move on then maybe ill get the 534.. but that thing is not aluminium, and does not even have a window
  5. uhuh i p[osted the same question in hexus as well.. i really want to get a hand on these tings... i mean, i just like its simplicity a lot... the gloss and alu structure.. very nice... evntillation is also very good. The praetorian just doesnt cut it for me, i dont like silver towers that much... a bit of silver is ok but too much silver is horrible. Although it looks the same, im sure the minor features are completely different. heres a pic for those who wanna know what i talking about ive tried looking for ebau uk, and us to no avail. I do hope that coolermaster looks back at these cases again and reproduce them... or maybe do a lil bit of improvement (whioch i think it doesnt need).
  6. Has CM discontinued this product or is their production just really low and thus these cases are hard to find??? I really love the case as a whole.. especially in black, with windows, and a very high gloss finish, not to mention the nice foot stands. any info on this product at all??? thanks guys!