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  1. Try http://www.frontx.com
  2. Follow this link: http://www.frontx.com Everytime I start working on a new Stacker 810, the first thing I do is removing the I/O unit.
  3. I lowered the main switch I/O module 5 bays, till I had all the components to replace the cables by longer ones. Took awhile, but got most info on pins and connectors on http://www.molex.com But,it is ashame for such a company like CM.
  4. That's the the best I Have seen in ages. Couldn't be more clear. Thanks, much obliged.
  5. Well, not specificly the easy grip, but the Molex item numbers. For those connectors used in PC's Almost everyone comes up with ACRyan partnumbers, I need the Molex item numbers.
  6. Can anyone tell me the partnumbers as used by Molex for their connectors used in PSU's I'm replacing a number of cables by custom made ones, at least that's what I'm trying Searched already on http://www.molex.com to no avail.