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  1. Oh, Just to let you all know I have pre-order the PSU today get it in the post 21st Dec, can't wait. Ordered it from
  2. oh and the amd fx-74 might cost about £600 or $900
  3. I don't need x4 1GB g cards, plus I'm waiting for a motherboard to support it. The AMD FX-74 should come out on my birthday. Well don't know how much it will cost, but I have set a budget of £14,000 thats about $27,543. Might sound alot but I run website's. So the money is just coming from there. Should not cost all that I hope. Plus things go out of date SO QUICK! Phil.
  4. Thank you again I have pre-ordered it. Why the :) do the US get everything FIRST and CHEAPER than the UK? I'm currently building a new custom PC and for MOST parts I'm ordering from US websites which can post to UK, like instead of me shopping on I have been shopping on I last purchase for my new computer was the Logitech G7 gaming mouse. It cost me from US with the shipping to UK only $20 plus $15 shipping in UK it would have cost me cheapest about £70 from SUCH A RIP OFF!! Well incase you wish to know what system I'm building here it is below the project will be finished next year. CPU: AMD FX-74 RAM: 4GB DDR (x4 1GB) 4x 1GB Graphics cards (don't know if nvidia or ati yet)? 4x Raptor X 150GB SATA Hard Disks And loads more let me know if you want more info on what I'm doing. Oh also I have just purchased the PSU becuase it's onlt 16dBA and don't trust any fanless ones on the market, and I have purchased x4 SilenX 120mm 11dBA case fans. So my computer is quite!!!! Phil.
  5. thank you for your reply, where did u find this information out from? do u own both of these?
  6. Hi, I wish to pre-order the Real Power 850, but I have a question to be answered. I have the Antec P180 computer case, which if you know the power supply goes at the bottom of the case with limited space. Will this new power supply fit my case. If it does great news because then I can have my quad graphic card setup I have been wanting todo for ages. Thought I would ask on this forum as I can't seem to find this topic on any other site after searching Google. Well I really hope somebody knows.... ummm (maybe cooler master or antec might be able to answer)? Regards, Philip Smith