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  1. It is now September and I have yet to see any movement on this. USPR0029449 submitted on 05.02.2013 - 9:50 am PST It was placed on back order 5.14.2013 and that was the end of it. No updates since. 4 Months! The last time I submitted parts request for this case it took 3 months just to get it shipped out now its 4 months By the time I get the parts my case will already be a year old
  2. Not ideal. Although many motherboards come with 4pin fan headers many of those same motherboard manufactures do not tell you that those are not PWM controlled headers but voltage controlled headers. This information goes unmissed even by review sites because no one ever reads the manual. For example my motherboard, Gigabyte Z77 UDH5 have all 4 pin fan headers. But only the CPU, Fan 2 and Fan 3 are PWM controlled. Fan1 is voltage controlled but is synched so only runs 50% of what the CPU fan header runs all the time. Fan 4 is not controlled at all so it runs 100% all the time. These are things at every motherboard review site missed when they reviewed this board but yet all of them said it has CPU PWM header plus and additional 4 PWM fan pin headers. So Cooler Master including PWM fans with their case will only cost them. Besides no one uses the stock that come with a case fans anyway unless it is the 200mm + size fans..
  3. I am located in NYC, the fan was purchased from Newegg on 8/21/2013. I could not wait for a response so I have already started RMA with Newegg on 8/29/2013 which they will refund the fan. I then since purchased 3 more fans from Newegg the same day making it 5 total. 4 working 1 to be RMAed although one of the new fans ordered only came with 3 screws. Not a problem for me as these are mounted in a Scout 2 and on a H80i which uses their own screws. CM needs better QA as out of 5 fans, only 3 were 100%. Also as a warning people should know that powering these fans from a Corsair H80i or H100i will destroy the cooler, it will kill the fan controller and quite possibility the pump if you connect 2 of these fans to a single Y cable.
  4. So I decided to take a chance on this. Brought 2 fans, one worked as expected, one didn't. One screw was not machined correctly so you cannot even use a screwdriver on it preventing correct mounting due to proprietary threaded screw holes and the fan cannot even spin pass 1400 RPM, it just spins, stops, then spins, then stops again in an endless cycle. Now as a customer, one should not have to spend $16 on a fan, get a defective item then have to pay $10 to ship it back when it was defective from the start. How does CM plan to resolve this issue? Fan Notice screw on the right Here is a closer look at the defective screw I will post pictures of the RPM issue soon...
  5. Any update on this? I submitted my part request for this kit before I started this thread and its been on backorder since 5/14/2013. Its almost August. Is coolermaster normal parts request a 3 month wait?
  6. Specter

    Brass standoffs

    The top brass standoff is pure genius!!! Genius I tell you! What that extended collar does is genius!! If you have a HAF912 or Enforcer one of those came preinstalled on the motherboard tray. What that collar does is it locks the motherboard in place preventing it from swiveling when securing other motherboard screws. I placed one of those extended standoffs on each of the 3 rows on the motherboard tray. After I placed the motherboard in, it was locked into place, with no wiggle room. The I screwed down the screws with ease. Oh, they use special M3 screws that came with the case. They are not standard motherboard tray brass standoffs.
  7. Thank you for the reply There seems to be something missing from the "upgrade kit" in order to make it like the Advanced model. As you can see in this unboxing video at the 6:38 - 7:10 timestamp, it clearly shows 10 rails, plus an additional 4 rails pre-installed with 2.5 SSD adapters making it 14 rails in total to mount 7 drives. The original only came with 12 rails, enough to mount 6 drives and only 1 SSD adapter. By chance do you know why the upgrade kit does not include the additional 2 rails and SSD adapter?
  8. Whats going on here? Its been a whole month and still no indication as to what comes in this "Upgrade Kit". If at all it will make early adapters Scout 2 cases a fully Scout 2 Advanced. Can someone reply as to what comes in the upgrade.
  9. The fans are available, so why make one.... http://www.cmstore-usa.com/120mm-led-fa ... i-trooper/
  10. Is there any word on when these will ship out? I saw this mentioned in the February news letter http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/news.ph ... h=February and other sites like Maximum PC but no word on when they ship. The last time I submitted a part request in January it was not shipped out till March. Also what is included inside the upgrade kit as it does not say. Hopefully it will be everything that seperates the normal scout 2 from the scout 2 advanced: extra 120mm LED fan (should have been included from the start as they are proprietary LED fans that can only be purchased from the CM store with an outrageous shipping fee) 120mm black fan (not really needed but ok) dust filter for optional 120mm bottom fan mount (should have been included from the start!) 2 drive rails (there are 7 slots to load drives but only enough rails were included to mount 6 ) extra SSD adapter
  11. Thanks! I will defiantly place an RMA for the replaceable pannel. Please pass this information on to the case designers and inform them that melting the pieces together is not a long term solution. At least screw it in or hot glue it, do not melt the 2 parts together. Here is a shot of the clear lens on the front of the removable cover that suffers from the same design flaw. It still in one piece but in order to prevent it from suffering wear and tear i just mal go out and get a hot glue gun and go once around the outside edge just for precaution.
  12. I received my case 2 days ago and one thing i am surprised about was the build quality on the front power LED and HD LED module. when i plugged in a usb into the slots above the whole clear module fell off. After i looked and noticed it was not screwed in but it looks like it was attached using some kind of melting method affixing it to the case plastic itself. Same with the clear plastic on the front cover. Over normal wear and tear it will just fall off. I attached an image where you can see the clear module hanging. Now i want to RMA this but do not want to RMA the case because it looks like it is the entire top of the case. What are my options?
  13. Hi all, I just decided to update my case from the HAF 912 Advanced to the CM Storm Scout 2 for my new build. I was wondering if there will be an option to purchase a full panel window similar to the Enforcer? This case is perfect for my needs i only wish it had a 200mm fan option for the top exhaust similar to my HAF 912 Never mind what i that. After i received the case and started building i realize the 200mm fan was irelevent :) the dual 120mm fans were right over my mosfet heatsink and ram. After i reversed the fans, removed the metal grating from the plastic cover and attached a dual 120 demciflex filter i have nice dust free air blowing on my mosfets and ram. They are always cold to the touch
  14. Hi, I recently found that the 200mm fans with LED control were now available for purchase in the USA store which is great. I found them here http://www.cmstore-usa.com/200mm-led-fa ... i-trooper/ but a but confused on the RPM information. At the end of the product description it states "Fan Speed: 120mm fan: min. 700 - max. 1200 RPM" Is this true or someone was just copied the information from another product. Also i would like to know if the LED control requires a powered switch to toggle the LEDs. Previous Stormforce fans required a powered switch to toggle the LED on and off and i would like to install 2 of these into a case with a normal rocker switch. I have read the product description over and over and i can clearly read it says for Cosmos II & Trooper but these fans are going in another case and im planning to use http://www.frozencpu.com/products/4301/ ... html#blank to control the fans. Can this be done? Also i noticed that the Coolermaster Europe store have the black fans with LEDs http://www.cmstore.eu/cases/cosmos/cosm ... m-led-fan/ will these be available soon in the USA store as well?