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  1. I have 550W realpower series with PFC active. I looked at another post and it sounded like my case. It turned on fine with everything installed in it for one day. the next nite I went to put on the OS and it just flicked on and stayed off. It sounds like the PSU isnt giving enough power but I think it might be dead too. I have two 7600GT KO hooked togeather with sli. I just figured out i did not put a power connector to the graphix card on the mobo. I put it on and it still did not start. Let me know if you think i damaged something...the light still flick on for a second on the vga cooler, heatsink and psu so i dont think the mobo is dead im still leaning twards the psu because it did turn on with the cards in it for a day LET ME KNOW IF YOU THINK SOMETHING IS FRIED I am powering a DVD-rom, AMD 4200 2.2GHz CPU, A zalman 82mm LED heatsink, a 250G 16 mb cache hard drive, One gig of corsair XMS 5-5-5-12 ram and two evga 7600GT KO cards and one has a fatality vga cooler with red LED. And a K9N Diamond MSI mobo. I tested everything with another psu and it did the same thing. then i took out the graphics cards and just tried that and it did the same thing so then i just tried to see if the motherboard and processor would turn on and nothing so im leaning towards a DOA mobo because it was the first time it was in use for over 20 seconds and it just shut off on me. ive contacted MSI to ask if they think it is dead and hopefully i can get a replacement. HElP me i dont know what to do and if it is dead or not enough power. thankssssssss