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  1. I went to the store and they say that it`s ok. So it`s problem with me, and I want to solve it. Would it be wise to put Ultra Silent Fan Series (SAF-S12-E1) instead of his cooler (Globe Fan) , because SAF-S12-E1 has only 720 R.P.M. and 11.27 CFM? I am woring, because of these two factors, would they be enough to cool down the PSU, or I will have to use Super Fan 120 SU1 (R4-S2B-12AK-GP) with 1200 R.P.M and 44.03 CFM(it`s 19.8dB-is it less noiser then original globe fan cooler)? If Ultra Silent Fan Series (SAF-S12-E1) is not enough can i put behind the PSU, one Ultra Silent Fan Series (SAF-S84-E1) with 1400 R.P.M. 15.75CFM to compensate 120mm fan`s LOW air flow? coolers in my PC: on rear one Ultra Silent Fan Series (SAF-S84-E1) with 1400 R.P.M. 15.75 CFM on side one Ultra Silent Fan Series (SAF-S12-E1) below the HDD one Ultra Silent Fan Series (SAF-S84-E1)
  2. 600wat is mentioned in manual on 2-28 chapter 2: Hardware information. I will test it! I have to.
  3. I alreday did everything you told but with my OLD NO NAME PSU( installed Cooler Master 8x8cm fan with <13dB ) like haven). I dont want to void waranty because i boght it 2 weeks ago. Motherboard ASUS M2N DH(with WiFi APsoft on board but I desable it,and I use 4 USB port 2.0).In motherborad manual it says that it need minimum 600W so I bought 650W, but noise is as twice as load then my old Cooler Master 380W. Why??? Aus M2N DH AMD Sampron 64 2800+ ATI AIW X800XL 256MB DDR2 512MB ATA Seagate 250GB Pioneer 111D
  4. I had a extreme power 380W and with open chasis I could sleep at night(my PC is allways on).But know I bought new motherboard ,CPU,graphic card(only one) and PSU eXtreme Power DUO 650W and NOISE came with my new PC. First I thought it`s CPU AMD Sempron 2800+ BOX ,then ATI AIW X800XL, but they are not the NOISE PROBLEM.Finnaly I only turn on PSU and there it is.Thats the sorce of all noise. So is it ok that the 650W is much noiser then 380W or I shoud return it?