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  1. Yup, they are the only 2 fans in my computer (except PSU), and I can't hear them at any speed.
  2. Here's some pics. The tubing looks a bit strange. It's clear, and the liquid is a pinkish purple from the Water Wetter and algaecide. Please ignore the nasty wiring. I just moved the stuff to this case last weekend, and cleaning it up is this weekend's project Shot where you can almost see everything. The res is on top, and the pump is on the far right bottom. Closeup of the northbridge and GPU squeeze. View of the outside. I need to get a black dual layer DVD writer to replace the silver one, and a black Cool Drive 6 lite for the 120GB WD drive.
  3. We seem to have a lot of the same parts I'm using the DD 6800 block, which is huge, but does an amazing job of cooling. I have the same GPU, the BFG 6800 GT, and it's perma-clocked to 440/1.1 in 2D and 3D mode, and the block stays cool to the touch. I also have the black CM Stacker case. I flipped the bottom grill to the outside and mounted a dual 120 black ice rad to the bottom. I have a 12V DD pump, a dual bay DD acrylic res, and DD blocks for CPU, GPU, and northbridge. Everything in it is either DD or Coolermaster I'll post a link to a couple of pics in a few minutes... What I'd love is versions of the CoolDrive 6 and CoolDrive 6 lite with waterblocks. What I'd REALLY love is a CM silent 12V pump designed to fit in a 5 1/4" drive bay with a small built-in res with feed/bleed hole, with a speed control/display front panel. Pleeeeeeeease
  4. I have the same mobo with a 6800GT video card. I have DD blocks on the video card, CPU, and chipset. It's a tight fit, but doable. Which video card do you have, and is it watercooled?
  5. I just started building another mod, and had a rather strange question for everyone out there. What is the largest case dimensions that people would still consider to be a SFF case? I want to use a standard ATX motherboard, so one of the edges has got to be 12 inches. Right now the design is a 13 inch cube. I'll start uploading pictures as they develop
  6. The only trays I have been able to find are Lian-Li, but I'm a die hard CM convert now , and would like to use their products whenever possible. I just need 2 or 3 trays to get started on my next case designs, but hate the thought of destroying perfectly good cases to get them
  7. Tieros


    It will go away, even if we yell about it There are so many underlying technologies that are currently in a state of flux that it's very likely that the B in BTX stands for "blip" My guess is that people will be keeping a close eye on the SFF mobo designers, since they seem to be coming up with most of the cool and useful ideas lately. We need cable connectors on the flip sides of mobos to improve airflow, PCI-e cards that lay parallel to the mobo with connectors on both sides to streamline cooling and aid in supporting heavy heatsinks, SATA-only boards, slotless mobos that connect to card cages, and about a hundred other useful changes. Not just an Intel-only airflow tweak
  8. I have my Aquagate connected to an Athlon 64 3500+, a BFG 6800 GT OC, and the northbridge of my MSI neo II platinum. And everything is OCed, dead quiet, and working just fine. However, I did modify it for better water flow, otherwise I would not put that many water blocks on it. The Aquagate is an EXCELLENT system for transitioning to the world of watercooling, especially considering its small form factor. Don't write off the product as being worthless just because you couldn't get it to work. A LOT of us are very happy with ours. If you were hitting 60c within 1 minute on the CPU temp, it was because you installed the temp probe wrong, or the temp probe was faulty. Did you compare the water temp against the CPU temp? If the water temp was also nearing 60c, then you have a problem. Remove the temp probe from the CPU and use the built-in thermistor to monitor the CPU temps. I attached the temp probe to my RAM since it was the only thing I couldn't get a temp reading for
  9. Is there a separate term to describe a case built completely from scratch?
  10. How about a blade PSU design that lets you plug in up to 4 thin, fanless, and silent 150W "power blades" into a rack the size of the current PSUs. The board that the PSUs plug into should have 2 USB ports that can be connected to the motherboard to give feedback and control capabilities to the unit, and to daisychain them. Then put 3 jacks on each blade, and use modular cables to connect to devices. That way we can dedicate a PSU to each device that needs one, and share one for the lower-powered devices. Then make a hot failover card that fits into one of the slots for people who need redundant power. The outer housing should be designed so it can be inserted in a PSU slot, or dual 5 1/4" drive bays like the Aquagate III. Let me know when it's ready so I can order a couple
  11. Tieros

    SFF Chassis

    I put together two designs for mini-WaveMasters as a possible case to build for the CM case mod contest. I ended up picking a different design for the contest, but I'm going to build one of the miniWaves as soon as I am finished. They are both definitely bigger than the typical SFF, but still much smaller than most mid-tower cases. Since they are built out of WaveMaster parts, they have the removeable mobo tray, and use standard sized parts. All I need to do now is win the contest so I'll have the parts to build them
  12. Tieros

    SFF Chassis

    I'm becoming a fan of the smaller cases myself. I don't like the ones that require a custom or microATX mobo, though. And I hate the ones with baby power supplies