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  1. look who's back =P Amazing amazing(as usual) hahahaha Im happy to see more one project your
  2. LIKE A BOSS!!! ahahahahah Congrats Ale!! Its Insane!!! Post some video with the arduino efects EDIT: I see the video now kkkkk
  3. Started with style Brian hahahaha Very nice theme, In my initially design with the Stacker I think in a hot rod theme Good luck on contest Cheers
  4. Oww.. more one amazing contest Well, I need start one project ahhahahaha
  5. Masbuskadooooo!!! Woow!!! Amazing!! Its impressive, i love it!! When I see this mod at live?? hahahahaha
  6. Nothing yet?? Why so suspence??? I'm going to be crazy! ahahha
  7. A LOT! uaheuheauheauhae I will broke my f5 uahauheueah
  8. After some problems with my server, all the photos are back! And to finish, there are the Final Photos: LUNA RELEASE 2 - WATER COOLER STAGE I hope you like
  9. I liked the votting style this year! in 2007, and 2009 are some confuse Congrats for all!! PS: I had some problems with Captcha in Google Chrome, somebody else had this problem?
  10. Aeeeeeeeeeeee.. Nice to see you here!! Welcome to CMC!
  11. Thanks so much PaPang!!! Guys, I'll back soon to post all the final photos!!
  12. The Release Two is finished! So, I will post some photos.. ( I´ve more, I will post later): Yes, she back! auhauhahauh Making of: