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  1. LoooooooooooL - Off Topic AND completely useless. Out of 14 cases listed in "Middle Towers" the only case with a 80mm fan is the damn old Centurion 5, all others have 120mm. Next time check the facts before posting nonsense. Oh, and the Praetorian Series is dead for quite some time. ---------------------------------------------------------- On-Toipc : I'd really like to see the Praetorian / Wavemaster Series resurrected - and i'm talkin bout the ATCSTek style cases not the lousy 73* ones. CM brought the full-aluminium tower to the masses, and now there's no Mid-sized model from CM i'd concider buy-worthy That's why i sold some of my 18 ATCS (6 are gone) and got myself a Lian-Li PC-767
  2. To open the lower front you'll have to remove the small screw on the left that you can see when the door is open and another one on the bottom side - then you can swing open the lower part like a door to replace the fans ...
  3. The Side Fan is looking so absolutely cheap ... looks like the designers all fled from Coolermaster because it's the worst side fan solution i've seen on a High-End case ... PS : 140mm fan mounts are worthless for 99% of all users. Why ? Because bout no case uses those, they are expensive and the amount of different 120mm fans on the market is huge. Oh, and the Front I/O + button part still hast to be redesigned ... I've got a collection of 18 ATCS cases and CM keeps disappointing me more and more
  4. You askes bout the 2 fans inside the case - the blue ones, the 9 on the outside are cooling the rad which is cooling the CPU. The blue fans are blowing the air across the Mainboard which is not watercooled (North & Southbridge, MOSFETs) - that reduced the temps significantly.
  5. Huh ? I don't get that question
  6. The Fans are cooling the mainboard - as you can see it's not watercooled. And the VidCard is a GeForce 7950 GX2 PS : 8600GTS suck, can't come close to a 7900GT (sometimes even slower than 7900GS) and way too expensive. I can't see any reason to buy one of those - DX10 sure is useless ATM and once games with DX10 come around the 8600 won't get you good framerates. PPS : My sig is outdated
  7. Swapping out the fans on my Fileserver and cleaning up the SATA cables New Board, CPU, RAM, VidCard ...
  8. - The current Coolermaster cases are mostly Futuristic looking, sure the disigns are nice but it's sad to see that the classic desings are gone. Every time i or someone else posts a picture of the ATC-110 / ATC-111 there are people that ask where they can get one. I'd suggest bringing back the classic designs with a new inside structure that's up to date with 120mm fans, Apple Intel-G5 style HDD mounting (internal backplane) and the other things mentioned below. - Special Edition cases that are 100% black would be cool. The Stacker 83* looks so much better in full black. - Removable dust filters, it sure doesn't feel good when the first thing i notice when looking through my window is the dust. The filters within the mesh front is OK but it takes time to clean em all properly - i would prefer a dedicated airflow concept with inlet/outlet over the current mesh-front. - Make sure that there is room to mount radiators+fans for Watercoling setups. 2*120mm is minimum, 3*120mm would be optimal. That's a weak point in the Stacker 83* series and one of the reasons why i haven't bought one. - More screws, less rivets. That would make it alot easier to install watercooling equipment and do mods. - The Mystique series doesn't have that high-quality feeling that the ATC/Praetorian/Wavemaster series has, the material is so thin and the "stamped" structure looks like a no name product from eBay. OK, it's cheap but that also leaves Coolermaster without a high-class Mid sized product. - SATA Backplanes in the cases would be extremely cool like in the Apple Intel-G5 like i mentioned already once. - SATA Backplanes for the 5.25" bays would be nice too : 3-in-2 or 5-in-3 for 3.5" disks, 2-in-1 for 2.5" Disks would be interesting too. The usual 4-in-3 solutions aren't very user friendly, when you want to add or remove a drive all cables need to be disconnected and the whole thing removed - An Option to use a laptop Slot-in DVD drive would be nice, that saves alot of space and for sure looks cool. - How bout a contest where users can send in their case designs ? (OK, kinda too much to ask for)
  9. i've installed a Wavemaster a few days ago so : Backside Fan - Mainboard Front Fans - PSU (center) LEDs - PSU (left side, blue&white cables) To get some cleaner wiring you can open the lower front part and route the button & fan connectors to the left side.See my pics over here : ... 8543#68543
  10. I've finished setting up the new Server this sunday New Server : 40GB Samsung for OS, 3*250GB in RAID5 for Data ... i'll replace the 40GB Disk with the Raptor fromthe old server when i take it apart. On the left - old/current Server :
  11. - Revive the ATCS Series ... uh, yeah - i can dream a bit, right ? - Stacker 83* in 100% black, the insides too - really completely everything adonized in black with a glossy Paintjob + Window Sidepanel (no fan openings) I know some people may say that's bad for the cooling performance ... but my Overclocked PC doesn't overheat in my ATC-201 with 4 * 80mm fans running very low RPM so that's sure not critical, and the CSX have Window panels too. - Internal X-Craft HDD-backplane CM has announced the X Craft 360 a few days ago and i'd love to have something like that as an Internal solution. 3 HDDs in 2 * 5.25" or better 5 HDDs in 3 * 5.25" RAID get's more and more popular because midrange Mainboards and even some low end too come with this feature and 4,6 and more SATA ports. Such a backplane solution without special mounting equipment for the Disks would make life alot easier. ... raft%20360 The current HDD in 3 * 5.25" solutions have a big negative point : With 3 or 4 Disks you have to unplug all cables and remove the whole thing to remove/add a disk. Another idea would be to mage something like that for 2.5" Notebook drives - they are getting bigger and faster but are alot quieter than 3.5" disks and also more robust when it comes to shock and heat. - The Cosmos. Not really a suggestion but a question - how's the status ? Still proto or on the way to Retail ?
  12. ATC-210-AX1 Wavemaster Special Edition in blue, i haven't touched it yet And i got some more new hardware besides the cases : ATC-101 and a new Special Edition Wavemaster ATC-600-SX1 ATC-600 & ATC-410 Last one is another ATC-500, that one should arrive tomorrow ...
  13. Those rads, are 360*360 (360*120 x 3)? Is the pump strong enough for that? What are the temps you're gettin? That rad is designed to be equipped with 9 fans so the inner part is exactly 360mm in width, height is a bout 30mm more and it's a singe big rad not 3 smaller connected into one. The tubes are split so that the water runs through 3 simultanouesly - a Eheim 1048 is enough, a 1046 may be a bit undersized and the Laing DCC-1T+ (18W, normal has 12W) has no probs at all. I'm currently testing my CPU overclock with prime - the water temp went from 21.9°C @ idle to 23.2° @ load after 1h. Oh ... and i have some new additions to my colledtion ATCS 201er, it's in pretty good shape 220-PX1 , the upper corner has seen better days It's been a tournament case so it has quite a few scratches. both :