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  1. Could you message me the chassis(not CM chassis) that you recommend and let me know why you recemmend? Thanks!! Chester
  2. Can anyone tell me which case is perfect for carrying it to Lan party and why? Chester
  3. Chester

    Tunnel air cooling

    Hi! Is there anyone mod his chassis by using partitions to seperate the inside chassis to 2-3 areas and use fans on both front and back? Will it be more efficient than having lots of fans in the chassis? Chester
  4. Chester

    New generation 830

    The mp3 player concept is coming from that most people have one and what they do is using a line to connect to their desk top and update the music or short video. Some of the players can be charged through USB so that's why I am thinking about have\ing a space for your mp3 player and leave you table out of mess by connnecting lots of stuff to the desk top. Will you need a reserved space for watercoolering devices(radiator)? If you don't use this space, what else you may put in it? external drives? memory cards? or you totally don't need it? We are also re-thinking about the toolfree design, do you have any complaint about current design in 830?
  5. Chester

    New generation 830

    Actually, the ceoncept is a reserved space for your Ipod or some other portable multi-media devices. It will not look like a Ipod duck that seat the Ipod on it since it may look like a tombstone.
  6. Hello, I am from Cooler Mater(Taiwan). We are intresting on how 830 users use and mod 830 chassis and what decvices they put in it. Please show 830 pictures here. It will help us to make next generation to fit what you exactally want. Chester
  7. Chester

    New generation 830

    Right now, we are trying to collect all the feedback from the 830 users. After that, we will rethink about what need to be or not to be in the next generation. I am thinking that open another topic and have every 830 users to post their 830 pictures so we can see how they use and mod the chassis. It may take a while. So you can just post whatever you love or hate to have in the next 830. By the way, is there anyone need a dock or some space for your Ipod. mp3 players? Chester
  8. Chester

    New generation 830

    Hello!! I am from Coolermaster(Taiwan). We have a project that would like to collect all the users's info about what they want for the next generation 830. New look? New function? And what we need to improve in the next generation 830? Feel free to express your thought.