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  1. Holy crap that's a big rad!! Is that the optional windowed side panel or did you make it?
  2. How bad did you smash it? I bend the crap out of mine every time I take it off. All I do is bend it back carefully or lay it on a table and tap it back flat with a small block of wood.
  3. What KIND of noise is it making? Is it a fan noise or something else, like a hiss or a electronic sounding squeal? If you can unplug the fan(s), and turn it on and the sound goes away then it's the fans. If it makes a hissing or a squealing sound, the transformers in the PSU are wound poorly and probably not resin dipped and there is little you can do about it aside from RMAing it and getting a new one. This won't really effect the operation, it's just annoying.
  4. slacker you need to post one with the sword lit up dude.
  5. Yeah, I didn't know it either until one of the Modding contest entrants used it to get the anodize off his case before he polished it. JUST REMEMBER, WEAR PROTECTION!!!!!!!! I'm not at fault if somebody gets burnt because they didn't listen.
  6. I know a way but it's kind of dangerous and chemical dependent. It requires a very well ventilated area (preferably outdoors) and chemical resistant gloves and clothes, and eye protection.
  7. I don't know if it is too little to late but, did you try to hook up the LED to POWER pins? If the POWER LED works, then that means those pins work. Try switching the LED's around, put the power on the HHD and the HDD on the power and see it the they work. If they do, then just switch them in the case front. If the LED plugged into the HDD's pin on the mobo still doesn't light, then you have a problems with the mobo.
  8. I really dig that ROM mod. Now all you need is a matching windowed HHD.
  9. They can be used together but like Enigmachine said, it would be easier to use one and several of something else, at least for the USB port usage. I have two, one in each of my 'puters, which I had hooked up together in the same box for a while. Once you install all of the 6's and the software, and set up the program, they will show up as different things and you can contol them individually from the program. As far as the noise, neither of mine have made a peep since I got them in January. How bout some linkage to the Cool Display, I'll give it a whorl. Edit: Never mind my blind [mod edit: please watch the language.] didn't see the sticky.
  10. I've got one of those cases and the LED's were a pain to hook up. Check your manual and see if you have it hooked up right. I changed out mine for red LED's, toned it down nicely. The front screen is a lot easier to take off than that. Take the sides off and at the bottom of the front on each side is a hole that lets you access the screws. Here's the how to in the CM forums.