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  1. The 24pin connector, if I'm not mistaken, was created to supply more power to the PCI-E bus. You can run a 24pin motherboard off of a 20pin atx connector, I have done this successful on a couple machines, however none were running any real high power graphics card solutions (SLI or any other real power hungry graphics cards). If you don't have a 24pin psu, you can get a 20-24pin adaptor, i have used one with no problem before, others have had different luck with that system. Since you have a 20+4pin connector, you should be all set. Like zerospace said, just plug it in correctly, I do not believe you can plug it in in-correctly based on how they key the plugs.
  2. Ehh, who needs a warranty?! lol, InfectiousDust is right, this will void your warranty for sure, voiding the warranty on a psu has caused an issue for me 2 times after modifying a power supply. So if you do this be very careful. You will most likley need to cut the power cabels that lead to your psu fans which means you probably won't be using them once you have your new fans in the case. You need to do something with those live power cables that used to be feeding power to your fans, if you don't take care of them, cover them with electrical tape and put them in a "safe spot" inside of the psu, then you could leak voltage into your entire case and really cause some issues. So like i said, just use some care if you use my suggestion and you should be all set and hopefully you never need to utalize your warranty.
  3. You could always see what CFM the i am assuming 80mm fans are and see if you can find some fans with les db of noice on a site like and replace the fans in the power supply. I had a powersupply with the same problem, i did this and attached a fan controller to the fans as well. This solved the noise problem for me.
  4. Ok..where and how do you get all of these places to sponsor you? If i could get places to sponsor me i could make some SICK mods...but shortage in money and supplies limits what you can do! Still looks amazing tho.
  5. looks sweet but SLI ready? Why is that a selling point? Don't a LOT of cases accept SLI.....maybe i'm completely wrong. I don't know if i like this better than the original or not..just different.
  6. definitely did an amazing job, how many hours did that take you?
  7. Usually guys do because the thought of a girl..never the less an attactive one who is into computers, modding, and video games is enough to drive a pc guy insane!