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  1. Thanks for all your answers, obviously my first idea is to mod this window, this time i am keeping my dremel and trying a CNC, this time instead of modding the deal is to make a new side panel but meanwhile i was hoping to get the other to use it while the new windows is created. I dont think it would be a nice idea bringing the side panel from europe beceas with taxes and shipping it may be so high that i could probably get another mystique XD i got this for $63 Dlls new.
  2. I got the Mystique 631, and i want to put a side window panel, but the only one i found in Mexico is theSPB-T01-EKA those this panel fits my case???
  3. I dont think the psu cant feed my system, for example i take the mobo clear cmos, plug ram, micro and 1 6800gs it will boot using the thermaltake or even using a raidmax 400w 15a but it wont boot with the Coolermaster. If i manage to boot with the coolermaster this only hapen one time, and i plug or unplug when it's off it wont boot again.
  4. I have tried this, and the fan just blinks and thats it.
  5. I upgrade from a Thermaltake Silent Pure Power 420w 18a, it was powering up: AMD 64 3200+ DFI LanParty UT NF4 SLI-D 2*512MB Corsair Value Ram x800XL BBA 2 HD IDE 40GB each 7200 rpm 1 Sata 160GB 3 120mm fans from swiftech (delta 74cfm) 1 CD-Rw 1 DVD-R 1 CoolDrive 6 Apex Heavy Duty Water Cooling from Swiftech Then i upgrade to a AMD64 3700+, XFX 7800GTX and 2*512MB OCZ Gold VX, so i decide to get the 550w RealPower sli. I set up my rig and it doesnt boot, the mobo leds are on but when i push the boton it just flash everything and thats it, i take everything away i put stock cooler to everything and plug with the old PSU (Thermaltake) and it works, i have allready read about the issue of bios -5v so i update with the newest bios from DFI and it didn't work. I unplugged everything again i just conect mobo, micro, memory, i pluged 24pin, 4pin, 1molex and the one of the floppy and it boot, but when i plug my vidcard and tried to start the system it only flash the blue led of the PSU and thats it, then i risk with a hotplug of the VGA and it began working i turnoff and try powering up and work, then i do hotplug to the HD, Cooldrive, CD-RW, etc, i shutdown and when i turn it on again it again only flashes so again i unpluged everything except the mobo conectors it boot, so i do a hotplug with everything and it begin working, but when i unplugged the power cord for a long period of time it again just flash, so i have to do hotplug again.