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  1. It runs as stable as before. I think I'm still going to replace the MB with something a bit more updated. In fact I've got a newer Socket 939 board coming with an Athlon 64. Should be able to use most of the same hardware, otherwise. Thanks again, especially for the troubleshooting tip. I'll add that to my bag of tricks as well as the lesson that no matter how much you know, there's always more to learn. Rodger
  2. All right. I did the CMOS Reset and it was a good thing I humored you. After replacing the System Memory (which was bad) my machine booted up ok. One can always llearn something new. Thankyou for the lesson. What made you think about having me reset the CMOS? Apologies to CM as their PSU did not fry my system. It did cause what ever the issue with having to reset the CMOS was though. Thanks again. Rodger
  3. I have several like machines. I did a simple substitution. Took Memory out of the working one after verifying the system worked ok. Put the memory from the fried one into the good one and it gave me a memory error (beep code) I made an assumption about the CPU. When I get a few minutes, I will do the CMOS reset you suggest and get back to you! Thanks for the suggestion. Rodger
  4. I know it was the CM PSU. My machine was working fine before I "upgraded" the PSU. It stopped working as soon as I applied power, and did't start working again after I switched back to the original PSU. That is a sure sign the CM eXtreme PSU fried it. As for them replacing my hardware or re-imbursing me for the replacment MB CPU and Memory, a "reputable" company will do what they know they should, because it was their product that caused the issue and apparently the PSU in question has a history of issues. But thanks for your supportive reply anyway. Rodger
  5. Follow-up. Not only was my ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe MOther board fried, so was my AMD Athlon XP 3200, and my 2 gigs of Ultra Dual Channel DDR 400 Mhz Memory (2 sticks of 1 gig)
  6. I bought the eXtreme 600W PSU as an upgrade from a 450W (other brand) PSU. The system worked ok with the other one. I put the Cooler Master in and turned it on after checking all the connections and POOF! or more like a SNAPing sound and only the fans in my system worked. I put the original PSU back in and nothing worked except the fans again. I'm starting to access the damage, but at the least it looks like the PSU fried my Motherboard. With any luck it didn't do anything other damage (Like to the CPU or gig of memory or terabyte+ of hard drives or the DL DVD-RW drives. I will be coming to Cooler Master for an RMA. Any chance they will pay to replace my MB and any other hardware destroyed? In my RMA request I'll list the other hardware that was destroyed. Rodger