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  1. We at Cooler Master would like to know more about your experience in purchasing Liquid Coolers and Air Coolers. Please take some time to fill out this anonymous online survey.
  2. Jagi, Just go to the link below, and it will walk you through the process to get this part replaced. The part you will want to request is "Retention Plate(X-Bracket)".
  3. This part has had stock added to it.
  4. In these type of situation it may be best to actually remove the motherboard from the system. Take a piece of cardboard. Place it on the table/floor/workbench next to the open side of the case. Remove the motherboard screws and set the board onto the cardboard. Start your system as normal. With it running, touch the case in the same manner that caused the original issue. With all components connected, and system shutdowns, then you can start removing non-essential parts one at a time to determine the root cause. this is just suggestion for others to try if they are having a similar issue.
  5. Hello bmh67wa o, the airflow or air flow is a measurement of the amount of air per unit of time that flows through a particular device. The amount of air can be measured by its volume or by its mass. Air pressure is most important for cooling. It indicates cooling power per unit area. If the diameter of a fan is constant, then more air pressure indicate more air flow. Simple relation of air flow with air pressure is, (dia*dia)*(air pressure*air pressure)/(100*28.51875)= Air flow (in CFM) Here, dia in mm(diameter of fan), air pressure in mmH2O the warranty period for the CPU cooler in North America is 2 years.This does include the fan. You may fill out a parts request for the fan here and a replacement will be shipped to you. The fan can also be purchased if out of warranty at are online store ... m-package/ Please contact the Cooler Master Support Team if you have further inquires. Live Chat Ticket System Telephone (888) 624-5099
  6. Overview There is a small issue where installing the new software will cause the Recon mouse to not function. There is a simple fix to this issue. Instructions 1) Connect a known, proper functioning mouse to your system. 2) Connect the Recon mouse to the system. 3) Open the Recon firmware directory C:\Program Files (x86)\CM STORM\Recon Software\FirmwareUpdate 4) Double click Recon_updater program 5) Click OKAY to start update. 6) Firmware will start to update. 7) Program will let you know when finished. The mouse LEDs will then light up and the mouse will function correctly.
  7. depends on the PSU but most should last >100,000 hrs and the GX650 is actually rated for 100,100 hrs which is 11.4 years roughly.
  8. Please fill out the RMA request and we will get this part replaced for you.
  9. As long as the board is a standard ATX motherboard it will fit.
  10. a 1000RPM fan spins faster and will be louder than a 700RPM fan regardless of dBA. dBA measurement is the max amount of noise the fan will make..