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  1. My I/o panel has gone faulty, the fans on the fan controller run and at full speed and the LEDs stay on, the hdd activity light isn't working, the buttons to control fan speed aren't working either and the LEDs for the buttons are now off. I powered on my PC earlier and realised the issue. Please help!
  2. what do you mean the original was bad? so your saying the front 1000rpm fan I have is faulty? as in replacement I bought a 700rpm elsewhere in blue to replace the front original fan,but I thought I would go back to the original front fan to see if it was still loud which It is,but I know people with same fan and they have stated mine must be faulty as there exact same fan is a lot more quiet.
  3. I would like to know why the front 200mm fan included with the enforcer is 1000rpm at 19db is so loud,but a replacement 200mm mega flow fan is at 700rpm at 19db but is much much more silent! they both 19db but one is louder than the other? If Im to replace the front fan I cant seem to get hold of a 3pin 1000rpm 200mm fan!! how do I turn down the fan level in a cm storm enforcer?