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  1. Can i ask you if coolermaster has released something in order to support AM2 socket? I still have Aquagate ALC-UO1 and i can't use it on my AM2 cpu...
  2. They sended me an email few weeks ago by saying that doesn't exit any am2 socket for our liquid kit...
  3. yep... i saw that topic yestarday and i already sended an email to the customer support... i hope they can help me...
  4. and what i can do now? I spent a lot of money!!! My cpu is an Athlon FX and on the aquagate description it says that it fit with athlon FX ! why coolmaster don't do an am2 retention kit? where is the problem?
  5. Hi! I bought Aquagate ALC-U01 for 200€ and when i arrived at home i realized that it can't fit with AM2 socket! This model: ... 1+Aquagate Can i ask u if there is any am2 retention set? and if yes... where i can buy it? If not... when it will be avaible? I'm too sad bacause without this retention kit i can't use my aquagate... and i don't know what to do with this... I spent 200 for nothing! Where i can but this retention kit? Thanks!