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  1. is there way to put extra 120mm intake fan on 831? without getting another 4-3 device module
  2. importpsycho

    CM 690

    looks good, i was just about getting tired of 830 put extra efforts into cable management but no side window? booo
  3. you are right, it was unplugged...
  4. anyone have these two combo? i can't get the front audio to work tried both HD and AC97 connectors and none of them works
  5. anyone with black 830 have problem with scratches? I just go it to day and I already got it scracthed scracthes, even thin hair lines really SHOWS cuz it's black and the case is NOT very scratch resistant I really regret buying black one, I should've gone with silver color...
  6. what size tubing are you using? i have BIX2 standing up right in drive bay, I had to loose HD brackets when i get some new tubing I'm going to lay the rad on the bottom
  7. thanks and RC-830-SSN2 is the newer version? when you say bigger atx power supplies, bigger in length or bigger in height? I've seen some psu that are longer and some are shorter
  8. my local shops carrying CM stacker 830 black one shop has part number RC-830-KKN2 and other shop has part number RC-830-KKN1 is there a difference?