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  1. What I meant was the LCD's cable that can either be connected to the PCI card or the unit itself. If I plug the LCD's cable to the PCI card, no alarm will sound.
  2. The CPU temp in the BIOS is 40C. I can't tell since the LCD won't even light up. When I plug in the data cable that is connect to the PCI card the alarm won't sound but if I plug it into the other one the alarm will go off.
  3. I just recieved the Aquagate, which I was excited about. I followed the directions as best I could, but when I booted, the Aquagate emitted a constant alarm sound, a click sound from the PCI card, and the LCD was flashing. My thermal senser is right next to the cpu between the cpu and the waterblock, not actually between the cpu and waterblock, basically I've placed it perfectly. The resovoir is FULL. I left the system on and added coolant until it was full and rechecked over and over. Sometimes the computer would start as above but then suddenly the fan would turn off, and the click would go away. At that point the LCD would SHUT OFF. Just blank or dimly lit. The alarm would still be there (annoying the crap out of me) Finally I removed the LCD and attached using the LCD cable extender. *phew* The alarm is gone. So now everything works fine, except I have no LCD, and the fan turns on and off sporadically. I don't know what to do. HELP ME PLEASE. PS Windows shows a BSOD when I try to install Windows XP