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  1. a well, never worked with new power supplies only one hdd failure atm, but i'll try to fix that. its really Learning from your mistakes here now but thnx for all the replies
  2. problem solved...case closed ^^ checked the cables from the old psu and the new psu misunderstood the 20+4 pins ;/, the 4pins connecter perfectly fits the mb 12v connector lol so i found out that there is an other 4pins connector, and tadaa it works =]
  3. at the moment i'm really thinking that it might be the mobo.... when i tink about it i have found another small prob: when i connect a hdd to a pci hdd controller windows cant boot (the windows loading screen with the nice sliding thing keeps going...stops for a sec and keeps going again) i'll run some tests again when i'm home ;/
  4. it was a retail box. i'm also starting to think that the mobo is the prob. Since i have a small other problem, it only detects one hard drive from the 4 i've tried to connect (all 4 worked before)...its really strange atm ;/ thnx for the replies so far
  5. when i turn on the computer the cpu fan spins 0.1 millisec. (and all the other fans) but thats it, after that its just flat out dead...the spire rocketeer II power supply did the same thing and the old (at least 4/6 years old) power supply works perfectly at the moment the keyboard i'm using got a led that shows when there's power on the computer, and that one i turned on.
  6. the mobo does not have a led on it (damn i hate that ;/) butu the keyboard does have a certain led that turns on when there's "power" and this one is turned on when the power supply is connected. I already tried the several configurations like - mainboard only - mainboard+gfxcard only - maindboard+gfxcard+hdd - mainboard+all and nothing works, everytime the same problem, when i connect it to the electricity you see the cpu fan move for a millisecond and then quit (logical) but when i turn on the computer it does exactly the same, with all the 4 configurations listed above. some additional info: The old power supply: 12v/(alot of amp.) | -12v/0.8amp --------------------------------------------- .....................350W........................... the coolermaster power supply:
  7. Hello, here is my problem: last week i bought a spire rocketeer II 400watt and connected it to my mainboard, harddisks, dvd players and fans: asrock 939 dual-VSTA amd athlon 4000+ geforce 6800LE 512mb ddr IDE hard disks i turned on the computer and it worked like 0.1 milliseconds. so i disconnected any irrelevant hardware and tried to turn it on again; same problem, but my keyboard show a light, so there is a connection with the power supply. Since this didnt work i disconnected the whole power supply and build in an old power supply from my uncle, and it all started to work normally. So my thoughts on this were: power supply broken, i brought it back to the vendor and changed it for a better power supply: the coolermaster eXtreme 430watt power supply. As happy as I was on that time I biked home and installed the power supply; and guess what, exactly the same problem as the spire rocketeer. it works like 0.1 millisecond and then its just slush/nada/nothing. And again i connected the old power supply...with the same hardware configuration that i used on the rs-430, and *pling* the computer turned on and it works just all fine. At this moment I think that I cannot bring back the power supply Again, since it simply cant also be broken. But what is the problem here then? - the power supply? (i hope i didnt ruin it) - the mainboard? - other hardware? do you guys have any solution for this prob ? thanks in advance; a desperate ditani