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  1. Green Sabbath

    "Cool" use for a Jet-7!

    I got to see this case in person at said lan party, very sweet. That wood case in the background is ok too.
  2. Green Sabbath

    Tribal's Case = Update of Christmas xD p. 4 and 5

    Thanks to you and a couple other guys doing amazing work with dremels and such, i have a quickly growing appreciation for this kind of work. Well done.
  3. Green Sabbath

    Show Us Your Cases!

    The temps are great, my AMD 3000 Venice runs around 30-34 degrees celsius and there are plenty of fans to cool off everything else.
  4. Green Sabbath

    ShaoLin Revolution "New Photos and Videos" pag 06

    Those fan grills are friggen amazing, great job. What material are they made out of?
  5. Green Sabbath

    Bina´s Casemod Completed

    Aww, a very sweet case you have here, i hope your daughter appreciates all the work you put into it.
  6. Green Sabbath

    Show Us Your Cases!

    Thank you. There was no original case, its a scratch-build
  7. Green Sabbath

    Everybody almost done?

    Thanks a lot man. I actually submitted the old one for this contest but after coming back from the Geforce LAN and getting lots of attention with Sangaku, i really want to get this new one done. I'm also getting ideas for the next one. I think i might make it a bit more modern artsy...something with curved veneered aluminum panels interlocked or something. I'm hooked now, woo.
  8. Green Sabbath

    Show Us Your Cases!

    This is my first mod: Sangaku
  9. Green Sabbath

    Everybody almost done?

    I did more writing in that write-up we had to do than i've done in any school assignment for a least a year, wow. Hopefully it will be worth it. Good luck everyone.
  10. Green Sabbath

    .::High Roller::. Mystique Case Mod

    Nice job on making a sweet case look even sweeter. I especially like the red.
  11. Green Sabbath

    My First Case-mod: Japanese-Themed Centurion 5 Case

    One thing that i noticed that i think is really cool is that both this case and my case are "japanese themed" but completely different while still maintaining "Japanese" qualities... sorry, just thinking out loud
  12. Green Sabbath

    My First Case-mod: Japanese-Themed Centurion 5 Case

    Your case is very elegant and the engraving work is inspirational, good job.
  13. Green Sabbath

    Power Supply Mod

    Professional? When you look up the word professional in the dictionary there is a picture of Sangaku.... Now thats professional, Just beautiful Nick Thanks a lot man i appreciate that. Your case is looking pretty sweet too though and that is one beast of a CPU cooler... i like it.
  14. Green Sabbath

    Project: CoolerMaster Stealth

    Yes Green Sabbath, when we mod a coolermaster we must put it on the forum from Coolermaster. No the pictures are an al the forums the same.So i think it is you. Ah yeah i guess you're right. I really like that WC loop, its very clean and goes well with the rest of the case.
  15. Green Sabbath

    Power Supply Mod

    You did a very professional job on this; makes me wonder what the rest of the case looks like.