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  1. One window must made complete out of plexi , so here they have it . And also 2 of those with some nice edges , which light up nicely in the color of the lights you use. And at last the green uv plexi window for the Nvidia Stacker. Only we think they should use clear in this one also , because hard to look through the green plexi.
  2. To make a nice window. I make a copy from the side panel. That gives a nice effect around the side panel in my eyes. And 1 ready 2 to go.
  3. 3 side panels Coolermaster Cosmos cases. A fast job before the Cebit 3 side panels from the Cosmos for. A job for snakez and me…… Removing the isolation. Drawing where to cut. Saw job. Placing the frame back to see how it looks on the case. The window must be so big as posibelle for the PSU. There we have 2. And here 3. See you soon.
  4. Good Job. I like the lasercuts. And the chrome.
  5. My camera is broken. I hope it will be back next week. Updates enough but no photos.
  6. thanks mr_kholl Today I receive the memory for this case. Thanks a lot OCZ.
  7. The airbrush shop where I buy my paint is closed for a short vacation. But there is enough to do. After I dismantle the extreme lian li, I have both radiators for the casemod. At the top the single radiator. It’s fit also with the power supply there is enough space. The opening will be closed so that both parts are hidden. And at the front the dual radiator. See you soon.
  8. First I have to clean up something. Before I can start with the new projects. This looks much better. I start with drawing the places where I want the flames. @knud, leds See you soon.
  9. The stacker832 mod. Gamez convention Leipzig. Coolermaster Netherlands ask me to mod a stacker832 for the Gamez convention in Leipzig. It’s a great honour for me that CM asks me for that. Sponsors Stacker 832 mod. The planning. I try to give the bottom part Real flames At the inside I try to hide the most cables. Specs: Maiboard: MSI P35 Platinum Memory: OCZ Flex PSU: OCZ 1010 First I must clean my modplace and than I start with this case. So the updates will come next week.
  10. The sever from my sponsor was down. So you have right i did not pay my bill.
  11. I see that u gone use all the idea’s that we make for the case. So good luck and show me your mod skills.
  12. I read that a lot of people will see the final entries. Me to. So I ask Raptorfury and Kit when we see the rest of the entries.
  13. These are also the photos that I send to Coolermaster for the compo. The last part of iron is in the case. ZOOM Let’s turn on the light. ZOOM Here are the final photos. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM Also the photo from one of the persons behind this casemod. ZOOM Last with blitz. ZOOM This was the project Coolermaster stealth by Ediejo and Snakez. I hope you enjoy it. This casemod is live at Regroup16 in the Netherlands.
  14. The side panel is dry so it’s on his place now. ZOOM Also 2 bolts for the musketeer. ZOOM This is what I gone use for stealthing the cables. ZOOM ZOOM When that is dry the case is ready. ZOOM In the while the iron is drying I am going shopping buy some stuff for the EOS350D. I al ready make the setup for the last part of photos from this case. I will present that later this day. ZOOM
  15. The victem, an old Compaq PSU. ZOOM Lets get going. ZOOM ZOOM While that piece of metal is drying, let measure. Some people on the forums thought there was a lot of room between the plexi and the metal. (1,9cm) ZOOM (1,5cm) ZOOM What do we miss? Memory with LED's ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM It does look better, only ........ ZOOM This needs to be painted. ZOOM As you can see, the Stacker is almost ready now, about 99%. For now, I think it has been a good weekend.
  16. I almost cleared the wires job. ZOOM Some wires for on and off + reset. ZOOM Also the last peace of plexi. ZOOM That’s Works fine a sanding machine. ZOOM Last peace by hand. ZOOM This it looks from inside running up. ZOOM Only a view wires and the job is done. ZOOM
  17. The ATX cable is disconnected because I am working on the electrical system. Now I can turn on the psu and check my work.
  18. One side looks nice but on the other side........ enough work to do. ZOOM All the wires will be switched by doze two switches 1 for the light 1 for the fans 7V – 12V ZOOM First some drilling (2mm) ZOOM (4 mm) ZOOM (6,5mm) ZOOM That fits. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM Fans on 12 Volt. ZOOM Fans on 7 Volt. You can see some more light in the background. When the running on 12 Volt. Only the different in noise is super ZOOM
  19. The Stacker is almost ready. Water cooling is fill up ZOOM Than led turn on the led’s. ZOOM And some closer. ZOOM ZOOM And now with the side panel on it. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM Let’s see what it’s bringing in darkness. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM We are not 100% ready but the end is almost there.
  20. I ask it the owner from the case. CPU: P4 3,2Ghz VGA: Geforce 7300GS 512mb MEM : 1GB DDR2
  21. I don’t know.
  22. So now i can start to order the wires. ZOOM And Solderen, and solderen ZOOM I must take out the 2 led’s in the top. To place the last part from the case. There is some space but that is want. I need that to place the top part. ZOOM See the difference. ZOOM ZOOM And 2 in the dark. ZOOM ZOOM See you soon,
  23. Today is my lucky day. First some photos from the front. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM And now why it is my lucky day today.......... I fond 1 uv led. ZOOM ZOOM There is nothing in the way to finish this case..........
  24. At your service. Click Click Click Click
  25. A small update today because of a small issue which delayed the whole lot a bit (with a size of approx. 5mm I looks like all leds are operational ….. With exception of one because the stock is gone, all leds are used and there is still one which needs to be replaced. This is the guilty one , the pain in the :), it’s already removed but now we need to replace it with a new one and you can be assured that it’s not easy because of its location. It it’s not easy to spot, but to get the perfect result it must be replaced … The case fans who provide the wanted result, the produced light is superb. A shot with the side panel. As you can see the number of led’s did not change, due to the fact that the resistors are changed the leds produced more light then they suppose to do. This will have a negative impact on the life/endurance of the leds, that why we swapped the resistors which decreased the brightness of the leds but improved the life. That’s also the reason that now more leds are used to get the same result. Tomorrow my Canon 350D should be ready after it needed to have some repair. This means the quality of the photos will improve dramatically. The Fuji camera which I used today is not able to cope with the UV light …..