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  1. Im just busy dismanthling Mercury for Phase II, so when the top is off, i will make ya some pics whats underneath. This should give you an idea of what to expect You will see it will be not such a difficult job to put your big cooler there.
  2. They used rivets , so you have to drill them out. And there are plenty of them Once ou've got the top off , you will see how to remove the mesh , thats very easy.
  3. Not yet , first have to put the case back togheter again Will have them in a few days i think .
  4. Worked a little on the lighting ,and put the door in to see how it looks then.
  5. Not ready with the lights yet .
  6. This morning received the last Tygon i needed ,and some Engine-Ice Performance coolant. Link Want to see how it cools , Thnx OC-shop Now i can start finishing up a lot of things , and maybe i wil put a normalharddisk in till i have the raptor , so i can testrun it.
  7. Hope you like it like this better Yes, this is really better now! Good job! Is stealthing the whole dvd drive an option, I mean, the dvd tray/slide/"lade" This is only for a short while , after Cebit i will make a whole new cover for the case. Not enough time for now , so that i will do after Cebit.
  8. To give the front all the same look also did stealth the dvdrom in a bezel. Now just needs a little more work and then i can build it in.
  9. Hope you like it like this better
  10. Did some more work on the fancontroller. Lot's of people asking about the red led's , so this should be better .
  11. Is only till i make myself a new front after the Cebit , then i will change some of the leds too , to blue ones. But for now is ok like this. Not enough time anymore .
  12. Today was busy working on the fancontroller. Didn't like to put it in original way ,so did put it in a bezel. Picture's are bad , next time better ones . Now let's wait till the rest of the Tygon tube's come tommorow. Then i can continue again. Then only thing left to finish it is the Raptor.
  13. Today prepared a new coverplate in the top , to hide more cable's.
  14. Power supply and coverplated on their place .Loosing lots of wires. And put the hoseclamps on the tubing. Was a hard job getting them in place. Did not have enough tubing to install the pump and second (dual) radiator in the front , a shame but order some tomorrow .