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  1. Oh yeah... System specs... Asus P5ND2 1GB Corsair XMS 2 (2 x 512) 2 x EN7900GTX (asus) 2x DVDRW Some massive cpu fan Pentium D 805 (not even overclocked) 200GB HDD
  2. Certainly have... I have 2 PSUs + this one... 550W 450W and coolermaster 600W iGreen
  3. Well, I must say I am extremely annoyed and disappointed with the quality of the PSU... I bought what I think possibly is one of the most expensive 600W PSU... the iGreen 600w... asked the guy what the best one he had for sale and he said was that which certainly is pretty pricy too... £85.... I bought it thinking it was going to surely stop windows crashing and restarting due to a lack of power from a cheap 550w PSU... well, I was wrong... it still does that... and that is not when it is loaded... it even restarts when I just leave it on downloading... Now that is £85 not well spent... I tried SLI, restarts intermittently, did single card... still not working... I had a read at Asus's 7900GTX and it said that it required 350W and 12V and 20A ideally... then I had a look at the box... 435w continous then 12v @ 16A?? I certainly would have expected a lot better from an expensive PSU like this.... surely all 7900GTX has the same universal requirements - correct me if I'm wrong but does this mean that this pretty expensive PSU doesn't even power a single GTX properly ? The SLI config required 30A so lets not even go there! Peak was said to be 19A in the box.... how disappointing... I'd appreciate some advice or I think i'll get a refund and possibly need to stay away from coolmaster products....