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  1. I PM'ed the guy suggested my the Mod first of all and Robby got in touch, you could try that avenue
  2. Update - Thanks to Robby I have a new motherboard tray on the way, downside is I have to drill out all the rivets to fit it, but better that than an unusable case. If I hadn't dremelled out down to the braces on the top two slots as per his first suggestion (which sadly didnt work after initially filling me with optimism for a quick fix) I would have taken it back to the retailer. Once this is fixed the case is going on ebay. Coolermaster lost a good customer that always recommended their cases to everyone I know in the past. Stackers are not in the same league as the Wavemaster series (PSU issues aside). This is not a minor issue, it is a major one. I purchased this case as it was advertised as a removable tray on all the documentation and the box it came in. Instead I'm saddled with a mobo tray that you cannot fit a standard atx mobo's cards into. The only upside was dealing with Robby who was very helpful.
  3. Pm'ed, hope I get a better response than EU tech, ie none at all
  4. Last Coolermaster case I buy thats for sure, I'm sticking with Lian Li in future, if you cant get the manufacturing tolerances for ATX right for an expensive case after all these years I won't trust them again.
  5. Hi all, has anyone else got this issue with an 810. When i install a card its like the pci retainer is too high hence the card is at an angle and about 1/4 inch away from the screw hole.If the mobo was on higher posts it would fit but then would be out of alignment with the backplate. Installed hundreds of mobos and have had minor alignment issues but never anything this way out. Typical it would be my personal workstation i get this kind of issue on after dropping over £100 on the case. It looks a very much like this pic I found on the forumexcepy I have a 7900GTX dual slot card ... pci2kl.jpg