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  1. I'm starting a new mod and will need some UV LEDs. I was just curious where most of you got yours from. I know of various places online to get them from, and there is always Radio Shack (in the U.S. that is). But it seems there are 132423324234 different places selling LEDs online and I'm having a hard time picking out where to get them from. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!
  2. I would at least wash the inside to ensure better adhesion. At a minimum use a primer first. you do not NEED to sand, but it would be very advised if you are going for a shiny reflective finish. If you are just looking to get the inside of the case to be another color, I'd make sure all the dirt was out of the case, throw some primer on it, then use a color of your choice. Obviously take the side and top panels off before you do this
  3. No no, it's more or less an added bonus, a value you don't with with other fans, it's like having your own real life gun running in the background of your pc room. This could be a good marketing route for coolermaster, lol.
  4. Haha, always got to keep prices down! Rifle bearings are also superior because it has the word "Rifle" in it, and guns are just out right sweet, haha.
  5. Geez, that case mod is ridiculous! Hardcore detail here, wow. Even painted the fans to match the theme, haven't seen a case mod done to that extent in a while. Great job, you have some real painting skills.
  6. Thanks for the updated pictures, looks like a nice solid start! Happy Easter indeed
  7. I agree, but what about air flow for at least they hard drives? I can't tell exactly from the picture, but is there enough space between the plexi and the hard drives for air flow? Awsome work so far, keep it up!
  8. Wow, I really like it so far. The plexi replacing the metal drive bays is a sweet idea, should turn out really good looking.
  9. Wow, looking REALLY good, what are those things called holding the LED's in the case? And I'm assuming they are being wired in parallel with one another?
  10. Awesome thanks! How long did all of that take?
  11. Really great job!! How about a couple pictures real close in on a section of the engraving? It almost looks laser etched. amazing talent
  12. You cannot just plug 2 power supplies into one motherboard. You either need to hard wire the two together (not recommended) or get an adapter that the 2 psu's plug into and then plugs into the motherboard (recommended). They are pretty cheap, that would be your best bet. As for what power supply to use....what are you using it for? Most of the time it comes down to preference, however I wouldn't recommend spending much less than $35-$40 on any single psu.
  13. I actually played around with SketchUp a week ago and it seemed all right. I would probably need to use it a bit more to really do anything good with the program. Are there any good tutorials anyone would recommend besides the ones google gives you? Has anyone planned their mods out only in CAD?
  14. Hey everyone, I was just curious what programs those of you who have planned their mods out in advance via a 3-D modeling program were using. I would like to plan my next mod project in a 3-D program but am not sure which programs would be best, most flexible, easiest to use for this task. I am fairly decent with CAD but am willing to try something new. Let me know what you all think!
  15., i know a girl or two into computers..modding...and gaming!!! (they do exist, usually try and stay annonymous to keep the droves of nasty men away from them) I actually started modding my case in June of 05' sad to say I didn't feel the job was complete by the time the 2005 contest rolled around so I finished mine up over the summer right before this contest was announce. I feel like i put WAYYY to many hours into the project...however i do feel i came up with an idea or 2 i have never seen anyone else ever do yet Congrats to everyone who finished their project and was able to enter it! Just getting a case mod completed and then taking the time to write up a work log, take pictures, up load them, and everything else is a huge accomplishment in its self!!! I can't wait to see what everyone has done!! It's KILLING ME that the voting was postponed until next tuesday grrrrrrrrrr to all of you who didn't follow the format and requirements the first time!!