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  1. same problem with my mobo and i ordered 2 days ago.... fix please? i need a new tray, mine just WONT FIT. 's warehouse is right next to my house, so today i'm going to go there and give them the tray and mobo and see if they can install it, if they cant i'll be pissed off.
  2. well tons of people are having motherboard tray problems so i doubt its the darn it is not the mobo, the spacing on the tray is fed up, how can i get a new tray? i spent $239 for this and now i can't even make my computer..
  3. so i got my package today from newegg and was super happy.... so i swich out the io plate... take out my mobo out of its box from newegg... take out the mobo tray... try to install the doesn't fit. ok, the mobo is like a bit off on all of the gold thing on the left near the ports that you remove to install video card etc. and alot off on the right near the IO ports.... the left is TOUCHING the ports that you remove to install a video card and STILL DOESNT FIT.... so it basically will not fit unless i REMOVE the the slots that you install a video card, i don't think the mobo should even be touching the thing that you remove to install a video card (the metal tabs on the back of the case)/ did i get a messed up mobo tray? can somebody please help, this is really annoying.