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  1. Hey Fellas, much thanks to your feed-back. We've begun to correct these issues, we're constantly looking for ways to improve our current products and these feed backs greatly helps! Thanks again!
  2. Hi All, Recently debut in Computex2010 our all new Silent Pro Gold Series. Hardware Secrets got some details about our latest Power Supply launch, check it out!
  3. Been awhile since I've return to the forum nice improvements. ANyhowz can't wait to see some modded HAF932 chassis, keep them coming and keep the creative juice flowing................
  4. Sweet!!! Can't wait to see the final result.... Don't keep us waiting too long......
  5. Well I personally like the silver color, but you like it in black i could suggest the Stacker 832 we've got alot of ppl who would perfer that case because of the redesign door.
  6. Hrm..... that actually sounds like an exciting contest..... We should do somthing like that.... EDIT: fixed your quote for you
  7. alright I myself don't even know how's the finish product looks like for all those that submitted but can't wait to see the results. Anyhows best of luck to everyone who participated.......
  8. That was all done by a dremel? How long did it took? and how many cut-off wheel did you go through?
  9. That's some awesome case man.......... i love the company theme and the painted finish on it.........
  10. Looks incredible fellas, love the result on them, pls do keep us posted i would love to see the final results of the whole thing. So..... the front metal sheet going to painted to match the rest of the case?
  11. I believe Alan sent you an extra revision plate along with a reg. revision plate on the replacement mobo tray, just avoid any hassle you might have, it just an open option whether you choose to use it or not. And as far as screws on the mobo tray, I do believe it's a rivet design which you could cut the old rivets and use new rivets to re-assemble. And we're terribly sorry for any inconvenience we have caused. We'll try to resolve this issue the best way we can.
  12. Well CM always try their best effort to keep it's customer happy, because without the customers there's no CM. If any of you are really upset with any situation, you should pm them, and send emails, call whatever you need to do to get that attention. The e-mail and call volume at CM are large, they always try to keep everyone satisfy. CM is not a company to just sell a products and ignore the feed-backs of the customers.
  13. Ohhhhh......... please post pic of the speaker mod if you get that done.... I would love to see that happen......
  14. We'll if it's minor scratches I would recommend using a auto polish compound(carnuba wax, paint wax, etc.) Apply heavy pressure while buffing it out in a circular motion. That's how I managed to rid of little scratches on my own car somtimes. But most importanly remember to apply pressure with buffing it out, but too much pressure.