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  1. My current mod project, will probably require 2 powersupplys. Does the iGreen Power 500W support the dual psu cable, and sorry I dont know how to figure this out, but does it have enough amperage on the 12v rail to support power hungry high end video cards. I have heard some cards require like: "30 Amps on 12 volt rail recommended" whereas it looks like the iGreen 500 only has 19.5 on the 12v rail. Maybe I am reading it wrong.
  2. I found a suitable donor case. Drilled out the rivets this am. Wish I had time to send it to you to get it powder coated. That would be awesome. But thanks all for the info. I just feel like I have to speed this project up to get it into the contest.
  3. With all the blue lights and red lights, it is very nice to see something different. And it is awesome to see it came from Brazil. I grew up in Cuiaba', till age 14. I really miss Guarana and churrascaria. Your stage 2 entry, though is so freaking awesome. I feel like I am going to be way out classed in anything I submit to the contest. But if my submission were considered in the same contest, I'll be honored.
  4. I am looking to use a crossfire setup, with one optical drive and 2 sata and 1 pata. Also using a AMD 64x2 4800+. I see some CoolerMaster PSU's are SLI certified, how does that relate to two crossfire ATI cards, or does it? How do I find out the theoretical load of the system I am building so I dont end up underpowered?
  5. For my project, still being planned, I just need the motherboard tray with a back panel. I dont want to buy a case just to drill it apart. But if I must I must. I was hoping to buy just the tray, and back panel assembly. I/O port hole ect.