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  1. A video without much quality of my finished project
  2. I registered and will come back with a new project to Participate I will return with my cuts of dragons good luck to all guys
  3. Aiming to make the best modifications possible for my project I decided to associate my changes with great products and great brands and with great pleasure and satisfaction that I get along with Easy Colors have the product Cromo 11 of highest quality. What I report on Chrome 11 after I used is that its effect is very fantastic. The application of Video Demonstration Chrome 11 is very easy but I made some errors and not get 100% of the effect then I'll re-paint the pieces with Video Demonstration Chrome 11 Here a Video Demonstration Chrome 11
  4. Here is a photo of as will be my project mounted only missing the front In the front of my project Silver Black Dragon I will use a 7-inch LCD Module that arrived yesterday on my hands from my sponsor
  5. My first memory that I bought with my money was a Kingston ValueRAM 256MB DDR 400MHz and paid $ 200 Today I have the sponsored by Kingston More a dream accomplished true in my life Thanks very much you for Kingston Brazil!!! Kingston HyperX Kingston SSDNow Kingston Where To Buy Worldwide Review Kingston SSD 2.5 inch SSDNOW V+ Series G2 128GB MLC SATA300 SNVP325-S2B/128GB Review Kingston HyperX KHX-FAN Review Kingston HyperX T1 Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2000 (PC3 16000) Desktop Memory Model KHX2000C9AD3T1K2/4GX System WaterCooler By Ulysses Cazuquel Sponsorship By Danger Den
  6. Here photos that I took today of my project Unfortunately with my motherboard be damaged also some changes in my project also can not work
  7. Here photos and videos of my project almost finished
  8. Thanks biggatomic My idea is to finish my project this year Thanks Gonzas10 Pictures of my project that I made finishing on cut from Dragon, also painting and especially add the Case Handles Lamptron
  9. Thanks Skateboxx! 3.5-Inch QVGA Digital LCD Module Contact-Us My greatest thanks to my friend Justin from IndustrialLCD The quality of the LCD from IndustrialLCD is spectacular I liked it very much of the resulted I'll make some changes until the final result
  10. With the great contribution of my sponsor CrystalFontz, I decided to use a Crystalfontz CFA-635 "lcd with Blue illumination" to have the contrasts with relationship to Green illumination of my project I really very like the final result REVIEWS Before After
  11. I had the idea of making my Case Feet on an accessory Fittings used at home First I cut, then I made the frame with acrylic blue and also added the screw to be placed on the case using mass After I made an base with green acrylic to make in the plug-in way and it permanently does not leave fixed because thus when the leds to burn is only to open and to change I painted the case feet of color black with very careful to not painting the part of the blue acrylic And here the final result that I am very pleased He in my project and the effect of the LEDs was much more beautiful
  12. Here an previa of my front mounted I will put 4 Vandal Switch color black with blue lighting I'll make an effect with acrylic green, I'm also thinking of putting led vu meter and ending with the Blue paint I also want to change my LCD Module 3,5-inch for one of LCD Module 4,3-inch Accessories that are part of the front in this picture Grilla 12cm hecha Mr.Shinji Matrix Orbital Tri Color display GX24064-TC-BBI-MCE Two Vandal Resistant Illuminated Switch - 16mm Purple Ring Two Analog VU Meter Gradiente FAN Coolermaster R4-L2R-20CK-GP 120mm 90CFM 19dB with blue lighting LCD Module 3,5-inch with VGA from IndustrialLCD
  13. Just thought I'd let you know... Thanks Maxession, now is correct? This is the new front that I am creating, adapting and modifying to add it to my project. I have the idea of making this front as the multi-media control of my computer. Still need the final painting and an effect that I do with acrylic.