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  1. I installed the 450 ACLX over the weekend. The fan started up on power up and only stops when I turn off the machine through windows. The psu fan should never stop, otherwise not only the psu will be damaged, the cpu, MB, RAM, video card will all be toasted (HDD may last a bit longer under the torture). Even I only has 1 HDD, 1 DVD writer, 1 floppy, D805 CPU (relatively light load), but hot air keeps coming out the real of the psu. Do NOT use the psu any longer. Use a cheap no-name psu as emergency replacement for now, get a RMA for the unit and send it in for replacement ASAP.
  2. Thank you all. The -5V and -12V on the MB are indeed legacy stuff. My Gigabyte MB accepted the 24pin connector right away with no problems. The system runs much smoother than before with the no-name 320W psu.
  3. Hello, My current configuration is Gigabyte GA-81945P-G with Intel D805 CPU. The MB supports both 20 pin (current no-name PSU) and 24 pin power connectors. However, the MB user manual specifically states that pin 20 should be -5V, and this voltage is not supplied by the RealPower. There's nothing in the BIOS that allows me to adjust power supply voltages. I'm afraid it might blew up both the CPU and MB, so I didn't install the RealPower. There's a 24pin to 20pin connector, but it doesn't really give me a -5V pin. Should I pay a restocking fee to the retail to get another model, or does CoolerMaster provides an upgrade for the PSU, so I can send it to a service depot to make it support my MB? What should I do? Many thanks.