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  1. I know! The suspense is killing me. I'm starting a new project, but I want to wait to see what other people have done already. I'ma modding junky, and I don't want to do something that has been done before, so I want to see the entries. Please post them soon!!!!
  2. I used to run my p4 at around 55C OC'ed and it wasn't a problem. Once you hit 60C on the p4's you usually run into trouble. heating up your CPU will decrease its lifespan a bit, but the processor will be obsolete before it dies.
  3. wow, I really need a core2duo.... my 85% overclocked pentium M is now getting pwned by you guys. Nice job oc'ing.
  4. Nice work. Impressive stuff with the steel. I usually stick to aluminum since I'm afraid of the sparks. I was expecting a black computer with no lights; hence stealth, but this is pretty awesome.
  5. There are plenty of girls into computers! Unfortunately, my girlfriend is not, but she thinks it's cool that build them. My last girlfriend wasn't as understanding.... maybe that's why I broke with her!
  6. Great job! It's hard modding on a budget, but you certainly do an exceptional job. Great work and I hope you entered this in the case mod contest.... you have my vote!
  7. did you use silver soldier or silver brazing rods? I thought it was generally a bad idea to soldier LN2 or phase change blocks and that blazing was the way to go. Also why did you chose so few holes? Is there a reason for that? I'm curious since I may mill one myself and was planning on many more holes.
  8. nice thinking on buying hardware for cabinets. I was thinking about doing the same thing... there are some nice stainless steel handles that would look awesome on a case.
  9. Yup, I did it and it wasn't that bad. I suggest making a new back plate using aluminum that you can buy on ebay or at Lowes. The ebay stuff runs around 1/8 thick and is awesome. The lowes stuff is about 1/32 thick and will require more ingenuity to make it rigid. It took about 1.5hrs to mod a back plate. However, you will need a way to cut your case. I suggest a dremel and a jigsaw.
  10. I'm really impressed with the diagrams. Much better than designing the whole thing in your head and then making mistakes (uh, I've made a few expensive ones) How high are the feet on the case? Is the airlow good enough? I'm sure they are a little shorter than your gemini mod Also, are you going to keep those small case fans on the back? Are they loud?
  11. With an efficiency that high, you guys could easily make a fanless psu! Antec Phantoms are hard to beat if you want silence. Cooler master should make theirs fanless to compete with that niche.