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  1. Making some logo engravings on 14 case sides for well I have a few "Small" project beside of this that takes "some" of my time too tho. Wile starting this I Just got Booked to come to england to be performing live engravings at i30, so hopefully ill see some of you english lads there . just a preview of what im making.. case sides. 7 cases 14 sides 119 logos. done with one side.. Bigger image. the custompc logo I havent filled in yet.. but I will
  2. GoTaLL

    Dragonhead Case

    yeah .. i was there engraving live and had soem cases with me that was done for the event .. and this was one of them hopefully i get my hands on a 830 or 832 and then the next is commin
  3. hia .. this mod is done but this place seem like a nice place with nice peeps to show it too,, Ok .. time to make some thoughts and ideas more real .. I want a fantasy dragonhead as a case.. how do i do that .. i have in the week helped my brother start to build a garage and he got some "Styrofoam" leftovers .. and that would be fun to see what you can make of.. next part is how the fxxk does a fantasy dragon really look like .. i can see a pic in my head but need to get it out like that too.. First i like to thank the companies that helped me with some hardware.. Crucial with memories.. Abit with motherboards Gtek for the motherboard tray and fans Samsung for the help with a screen that i will be doing for this project and western digital for the WD Raid Edition 320gb disk that is made to run 24/7 for safe running in raid , server and workstations. Point of View för grafik kort Steelseries for keyboard, mouse pad, and headset BFG for the ageia card a start 10cm styrofoam.. freehand drawing to see if i can get the idea out on the styrofoam .. its will be built in pieces .. lower part of the jaw is carved out to give some kind of idea how big the overpart will be .. this is just a "raw" kind of forming of the head .. here you can see how the form is so far and the tool on the right side .. after a wile of work with knife and sandpaper it looks like this .. another piece on top thatwill make another piece of the head.. piece by piece its taking shape towards the dragon i hope .. some more structure not that advanced so far .. you can even see the wooden stick keeping it together. a small piece that will make some kind of shield on teh tiop of the head.. this looks kinda nice.. and time to try put the pieces together .. it will be made of fiberglass when done but need this to make it look like a dragon from start .. well a small jump to see how it looks like with teeths the case is the head and the stuff will be in the head it self at the end .. the styrofoam is just as a "template" and will be using putty and fiberglass to make it "plastic" at the end .. update .. 1 step further.. its done in parts .. and started using putty on the top part of the head/jaw the putty will be set as a protection for the polyester that will be used later, the polyester melts the styrofoam so needs to keep that apart from eachother.. well back to buiss the structure is not the main thing here just that it dont stick out large things it will be ok .. looks a bit mudd like.. and there the top head/jaw is done with putty ,, the sad part is that it hardens really fast so needs to be fast to get it out .. using sandpaper to get the worst things off and makes sure its really dry before next step.. the sad part is that this is really messy so hard to take pics at the same time doing the fiberglass part .. but thats what im doing .. looks really sweet really this is just a small step on the way to make it complete .. head as said before is 3 parts .. jaws and tounge this should all be fiberglass armed and then put together .. the top part ive started but the inside of the head is not so that needs to be done . will put a paper piece to protect the styrofoam from melting by the polyester.. but i want somekind of rounded inside of the mouth so im putting just a bit of polyester on the styrofoam and its starts ound like pop crackle and snap and after that back with the paper.. doing the lower part fo the jaw at thesame time and fixating the tounge the sun allmost ruins the pics and i cant move the stuff at this part.. starts to take shape regarding the "color" im not sure yet but that will come in time ok next step.. upper and lower part is 2 diffrent parts .. i want the mouth to be open a bit so im putting some syrofoam in between when im fixating them together .. its gonna be a gap betweenupper and lower part so i need to get that together too .. i will let it dry part by part to be able to add more fiberglass cutting out usable sizes of fiberglass and after a "few" hours it really looks kinda sweet .. ok so far so good ,, this was the "easy" part .. the problem i have right now is making teeths.. how and what material shall i use .. i can use wood but i dont wanna do that that i think will have a tendesy to crack .. i might be wrong but i have that feeling .. make them in styrofoam will make the melt when making them hard .. so ill try a idea i got .. filling a small aluminium pipe 4cm diameter and aprox 10cm long .. filling it with fiberglas putty after a while you just press the putty out of the pipe and you got a piece of fiberglass like the inside of the pipe.. you work this a while and you will have something that starts look like a tooth, gonna put some 2 component epoxy metall on it to fill the holes and it will start look ok i think.. repeat that again and you got 2 of them .. well i just shaped 16 teeths in diffrent shapes and i wont do that again .. ak small update .. i made 16 teeths in diffrent shapes and forms .. and this is the 2 front teeths taking shape .. as said before i filled aluminium pipes 4cm in diameter and 10cm long with fiberglas putty. letting it harden and then pressing it out of the pipe .. i repeated the same procedure and got the two front teeths, worked some on them and discoverd there was some air in the pipe and need to fill that and will do so with epoxy metall . on with some epoxy metall and more work .. the teeths should be "used" and not colgate white i will drybrush and make them look used .. testeing doing the first of the flesh on the top of the teeths and we will see how it goes later .. i have done 14 more teeths for the rest of the mouth .. smaller diffrent sizes and shapes but lots of work on thoose yet .. made the teeths 16 of them .. but the skin pattern/structure can get off my mind .. have no idea what to make but that will be solved .. top and lower part of the jaw/head coverd in putty because if i want to make some kind of structured skin or if i just want it look smoot i can work with that .. the inside of the upper part of the jaw that i made half round . thats where the teeths will be teeths put to place , tho not done by far .. and this is how it looks now .. i have a :) of a job with this to do tho the tooth part is being filled up in the upper end of the jaw.. and yes the lower part will have teeths later dont know if it shows that much on the pics but there is 3 more teeths on each side .. not painted just raw so far but will be changed later .. ok next step .. the "pattern" on the skin.. i asked a dude "geoff" about hes thought about dragon skin .. he said .. scales .. and no obtions .. he even gave me the link to google with dragons .. so what do you do .. i just thought .. how hard can it be ..?! i put putty on the head erlier and this will be used to make the scale surface, so i took the pen and drawed some scales on a part of the head and then the dremel showed up i can just tell you guys dont try this at home .. damnit i will never do this again it will be lots and lots of scales .. and takes time, this is just a small part .. the scale to the right got more work done to them but more to come, looks really nice actually .. .. i put some more teeths in to the lowerpart of the jaw to get the whole concept of the teeths and i think it looks good .. some diffrent sizes and forms on them and i think its enough of them .. put on some more putty to be able to do scales on bigger parts , this will take a :) of a time tho, hve marked out some parts of the head that the scales will continue on to.. after a while of work and twice the time of cursing .. and after some more , and i think i will be damn pleased with the result .. cant really get the same feeling of the "dragon" by looking at a pic but its damn nice. i really dont know what kind of color it will be yet tho... but that will come later ok small update .. im still making scales and i must say .. i hate it buy think it wouldnt want it any other way .. ok 30+ hours in just scale making maybe dont look much but damn its nice and should be seen irl have made most of the sork on this side for now but i will be doing some scales on top and on the lower part of the head.. i put some putty on the top .. the brown thing.. this part shall be some scales on too some scales made on the lower part, i think the entire picture will come together when the paint and rest of the stuff comes on .. "i hope" ok that was 1 side .. just one more to go have been drawing and making the fast lines of the scales on this side this is what will take time now .. the upper part is taking shape and now its "only" the big places left i have melted the styrofoam and put some extra fiberglass inside the skull and this is where the pc will be at the end "its not done yet".. now im all done with the scales .. some small details to go .. right now i put a extra layer of polyester to it .. a closeup to see how it actually looks .. this is how it looks all over where the scales is .. kinda hard to see at the pics the whole upperjaw and a small bow over the eyes and some of the lowerjaw is filled with scales .. "i hate scales" looks sweet tho both sides are done .. and right now im putting soem time in to the nose part .. should be looking something like a nail .. will be painting the dragonhead some today .. cause i have problems with seing what needs to be redone or remake or added when its in theese colors.. the "nose" part .. been putting 6 layers of polyester to get the nail like finnish .. some other that shall be painted . will be putting 1 layer white on it then i need to hand paint it with a brush .. . and here it is half white , half see thru. this part is the oen i will be trying out first got some black/grey but that will make it look to much like a stone .. now im starting to get lost .. i realy dunno what i think of this .. its a mix of mahogny/black/red so it gets somekind of red dark color but cause of the brush it looks old please give an opinion some bigger pics if you wanna se it more close not done but on its way .. this took a while .. i tried to find a colortheme that i liked but damn its hard .. so i think this one is the one to go for . or something like it .. i made it red like before and i thoght that was ok on the scales but when it came to the head i didnt like it .. after a break i was back checking and no no that didnt do it for me .. so i started again thsi si how it looks now .. the red version after a while its red as a start color and then some brushing with a earth green/brown color and i think it looks sweet .. ok as you see on the pic above some parts are still to red and i will flatten thoose to the same colors as the scales but a bit darker .. its not as bright as this looks at the pic .. its teh same color as the above pic with the red parts still on .. will take some nocer pics and you will have something to look at later ... its not done yet .. just had to try some.. well im still paintng but i need to show the progress.. this is kinda fun dunno why the kids stopped running thru the back door.. ok first a couple of pics of when the clearcoat dried and yes its still that wet glossy look.. ok i have never tried to make an eye and especially not a dragon eye.. how do you get putty that i will use to get the deep eye look? well this is my try .. making a cream spritser for the putty.. ¨ fiberglas putty filling the both sides where the eyes should be adn now its time to makem nice and clean with some sandpaper.. a bit better but something is missing.. making a "flesh piece" around the eyes. and painting time.. and how does a dragon eye look? startng with brushing a white layer that i will rub allmost 90% of out when dried .. ok now im airbrushing and cant handle camera at the same time so this is the result at the end of the eye .. the eye looks like its not round and looks like its bumps in it at the pics but that is within the eyes not on the outside .. should be seen live .. a bit closer pic and a bigger pic ok as i said before i never tried to make an eye but i think i did a good job with the first one .. the problem is i wanted it too look more evil and i dunno if i ruined it or if it still looks ok .. the one i "ruined" and this is how it looks now.. maybe not as detailed but i hope it looks at least the good as the last one horns or something like it on its way .. started witha few small ones .. made the same way as the teeths .. but way smaller .. just to have some kind of "Bones" sticking out of the head.. just a start.. i just painted painted the top of the head a bit black .. just to get the "horns to fit in more .. i need to make the top of the head from start with teh paint thing .. but this is how it looks from a distance.. ok the inside of the case is about to be made.. i have taken a piece of thick paper that i have drawn the form of the backside of the head on , abit bigger but still the shape.. put some chemical metall to get something to put screws thru so i cam put a backplate on the case.. the paper will make it become flat. papers is taken away.. and a piece of 4mm aluminium. motherboard tray.. progress.. and more.. this side looks like **** now but will be working on it to make it look nice.. psu right next to the motherboard tray, you can see the 80mm fan hole too. been working on small stuff to make this "modd" complete and there are some small stuff still to do but starting to be ready.. putting in the hardware.. memories 2pcs of 1gb modules 6400 800mhz Crucial BallistiX that i need to thank Crucial for.. ok bad picture but this is the inside of the upper part of the mouth far in you can barely see a 120mm revoltec fan red led fan cause revoltec fans actually lights red and not pink.. thanks to 1pcs of abit matx motherboard, 1pcs of Point of View 7950gx2, and 1pcs of am2 4200+ cpu and this i Really need to thank Abit, point of view for. the hard drive i wanted one that can be on 24/7 and that is made for it and Western digital provided a WD Raid Edition 320gb that is made to work 24/7 in servers and workstations. Thanks WD well been putting it together and now its time to check how it looks.. .. can tell you all that it needs to be seen IRL the pics dont make it fair.. its Glows red in the moth that cant be seen fairly.. Samsung helped me out solving a screen that will fit this case.. the head is kinda big and would look crazy with a 19" monitor to it .. so 40" lcd it is ;)have been painting "scales" on it and dunno if my cams is getting screwed or if its me inhaling to much clearcoat dust.. but it really looks nice .. and upon this i would like to thank steelseries for a steelkey 6G keybaord, 5L mouspad och 5H v2 headset sweet to this modd..
  4. hopefully i will be at cebit too with my modd i enterd the competition with
  5. i could use a lift too but i live in sweden if you take a couple of wrong turns it wont be a problem tho
  6. thre of my computers .. the lan case with 2x 19" tft modded in in the case sides of a linali modular cube. teh dragon head,, self built and shaped case from scratch.. and the swec case built from scratch
  7. who gives a f''k about gender when it comes to modding?
  8. will be fun and see everyones modds