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  1. Whats the deal with this? This case has been out almost 10 months now (and was supposed to be out over a year ago) and STILL no side window panel? What is wrong with you guys? Seriously? I have lost so much respect for CM it's not even funny... This will be the last CM case I probably buy. Very sad.
  2. I wish Amazon would hurry up and post it... Since moving to TN, I now have to pay the ridiculous state sales tax (10%) since Newegg has a facility in Memphis. At $350, this case is already steep and I don't see any value in giving the state of Tennessee $35 for no apparent reason.. Tax coupled with the $20 shipping from Newegg puts the case just north of $400. I'll be ordering it from Amazon and will get it overnight thanks to $4 1-day shipping with our Prime account.
  3. Three. More. Weeks. ........ Wow. I'm genuinely at a loss for words. I don't even know what to say about it.
  4. Is it really on sale if NO ONE HAS IT ? Not even the Coolermaster Store has it listed. EPIC FAIL. Also, before I drop $400 on this case, I want to know if it actually supports a 360 radiator on the top or not. There are several conflicting statements about whether its 240 or 360. Quoting the official press release has listed, it says : It has been rumored for months (by several supposed Coolermaster employees) that it would support a 360 in the top with no modifications.. and now the official word is only 240. So, which is it? I'm already disappointed with the MASSIVE delay, to get a case that looks EXACTLY like the prototype MPC used. If it doesn't support a 360, its going to be fail on an epic scale and I'll spend my money on a different case.
  5. Really disappointed that a forum user had to post the link to the site, you think at least someone from CM could have posted at least.. not to mention, there are STILL no specs other than the price. What a crock. Ordering my SB-E build right around the first week of January, hopefully there will be a little more info available about it before then, other than just a meaningless countdown.
  6. Sigh. I have money that I want to give to Coolermaster in exchange for this lovely case. Why are they making it so hard ?
  7. Yeah, I don't know what's so hard about it either. I have MONEY that I want to GIVE to Coolermaster and they apparently don't want it. There's another 6 page thread about it going back to August.. its now DECEMBER and still absolutely nothing...No price, no specs, no pics, no date. Not even an official response from CM like: "We'll announce more on xx/xx/xx date" just more vague "soon" - "very soon" - "VERY VERY SOON" bullshit. It's getting really old and CM is really starting to piss me off. I'm ordering my new SB-E parts the first of the year, Cosmos II or not. I wanted to wait for the real Ivy Bridge, but that's not coming out till April. And now after this crap CM is pulling,I am certainly not waiting on a case from them. I wouldn't care as much if they bothered to say SOMETHING. I wouldn't mind waiting for a date, and I REALLY want this case, but I'm certainly not going to wait forever on a phantom case when they can't or won't tell us anything. I don't think asking for an MSRP, specs or pictures is too much to ask given the HUGE delay on the release. I guess I'll be looking at Lian-Li or maybe a Corsair (WC'd)
  8. Here comes December... Still no information on anything. No price. No dates. No specs.
  9. Apparently Coolermasters definition of "very soon" and mine are completely different.
  10. Seriously Coolermaster. Seriously? This thread is now 3 months old as of today. Still no release date, no price and no details about the case at all. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. The case pictured in MaxPC in JULY coughFOURMONTHSAGOcough looked relatively complete and like a finished product, or damn close to it. Any 'minor' revisions that could have been made surely shouldn't have caused the production to slip THIS much. While you guys never announced any firm or even tentative release date "officially", it's all over the net that this was expected to be released in early Q4 (end of September / beginning of October). Now we are half way through NOVEMBER already and still no damn release date? Come'on man! Throw us a freaking' bone here... Give us some specs or pricing at least.. and I mean real specs, none of this vague "20% bigger" crap. Some pics would be nice. We're all anxious to buy it (for now) but I'm with Jingiko, keep dragging this out and not giving us ANYTHING and I'll stop being interested and start looking for a different high-end case.
  11. Seriously? October is now over, and STILL no release date. No details. No price. No ANYTHING. Really disappointed.. been a CM fan for a long time and owned several cases personally and built more than a dozen for other people. It's always been my first recommendation to anyone that asks me about a new case. It's been 2 months since the "Very soon" post by neverXmiss.. and still NOTHING. I'd at least respect you guys more if you said, "Sorry, entire production scrapped, starting over from scratch" or "Initial production was flawed.. had problems..redesign... cat's on fire" something .. ANYTHING would be better than nothing. I can find news and rumors on the case going all the way back to March and MPC featured it in their JULY issue.. Almost 4 months ago. Seriously, I would think you'd have at least a few more details you could share by now.
  12. Hey guys, it's me again.. Listen, November called.. wanted me to remind you guys that he's coming to town next week. Just FYI and all.
  13. Yep.. since October is damn near over, and not even a release date.. Any hopes I had of actually BUYING it this month are gone
  14. Sigh... October is half over now.. and still no release date.